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MEAN Stack is one of the latest and most popular open source web development tools based on different JavaScript technologies. MEAN is an acronym given to the combination of JavaScript technologies MongoDB (M), Express JS (E), Angular JS, (A) and Node JS (N) as it has ability to develop dynamic websites and web applications capable of performing every function that these individual components perform. Thus, it allows the full stack development using only a single language, JavaScript.

MEAN Stack training course highlights:

  • Understanding synergy of Node JS, Angular JS, Express JS and MongoDB
  • Learning API development using MongoDB, Express JS and Angular JS
  • Learning to develop MEAN applications using various JavaScript technologies
  • Understanding server application development with Express JS
  • Learning Angular JS as single page application development tool
  • Learning User Authentication management with the MEAN Stack
  • Experienced and resourceful MEAN Stack instructors
  • Project Work to develop web and mobile app with MEAN stack
  • Supervising and regular constructive feedback from instructors

Benefits of MEAN Stack Training:

  • MEAN Stack applications can be written in single JavaScript language for front-end and back-end
  • The codes are compatible with multiple platforms
  • Easy and flexible development of robust, powerful and dynamic web applications
  • Saves significant amount of time and cost for the developers
  • Open source technology with infinite sets of free modules
  • Preferred by popular companies such IBM, Walmart, Paypal and so on
  • Enables collaboration of front-end developers, back-end developers and designers
  • Good support from community and industrial players that are reaping benefits from MEAN Stack

Scope of MEAN Stack Training:

  • Highly paying job opportunities for trained MEAN "Stackers"
  • Increasing development of web and mobile applications using MEAN stack
  • Opportunity to work as web developer and mobile developer
  • Rewarding addition to one's skills portfolio

Courses Outline

Introduction to development tools

  • git
  • git workflow

Basic Web Overview

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Introduction to css frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation)


  • Data types and variables
  • Object
  • Conditionals, loop
  • Functions
  • Prototypes
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • DOM Manipulation


  • Introduction to nodejs
  • node package manager (npm)
  • node modulesv
  • file handling with nodejs
  • creating http server with nodejs
  • introduction to websockets
  • create realtime

Express JS

  • The model-view-controller pattern in ExpressJS
  • routing
  • HTTP interaction
  • Templating
  • Handling form data
  • Handling query parameter
  • User authentication using passportJS

Mongo DB

  • Understanding NoSQL
  • introduction mo MongoDB
  • finding documents
  • update, insert and upsert documents
  • aggregation
  • map reduce

tier application and REST API

  • Introduction to REST API
  • Building APIs with expressjs
  • Using MongoDB as data store in express app with Mongoose


  • The angular architecture
  • modules, controllers and scope
  • views
  • two-way binding
  • built-in and custom directives
  • angularjs service types
  • factories
  • providers
  • decorators
  • dependency injection
  • consuming Ajax web services via $http and $resource
  • routing
  • redirects
  • promises
  • creating custom services
  • Introduction to frontend build tools (grunt, gulp)
  • Introduction to bower
  • scss

Mean Stack development with mean-cli/

  • setting up app
  • third party library integration


Develop an inventory management application. A 3 tier application with expressJS based backend (REST API), mongodb as datastore, and angular app as the frontend (single page application)

About Broadway Infosys Nepal

Broadway Infosys Nepal is one of the best inclusive computer training institutes in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 2008, our professional IT Training and Development center has been employing experts in this field to impart professional education to trainees. We offer well-structured complete professional training in various Programming Languages, Graphics & Multimedia, Web Designing as well as Development Training that is based upon the current recruitment needs in the IT market.

Further, we also provide training on thorough understanding of:

  • Project Requirement Identification and Analysis,
  • Software Development Life Cycle,
  • Functional Design,
  • Testing and Implementation
  • Quality Assurance

Since establishment, we have successfully established and maintained network with more than fifty IT and other companies which has made us able to offer and provide our students with internship and job opportunities.

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