MBA - Supply Chain Management International Institute of Management & Technology Studies (IIMTS)
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    This program is offered by University of Cenral Nicaragua in collaboration with International Institute of Management and Technology Studies (IIMTS) in the U.A.E 

    Course Overview

    Supply Chain Management involves the flows of materials and information among all of the firms that contribute value to a product, from the source of raw materials to end customers. We will integrate issues from finance (investments in productive assets), marketing (channels of distribution), logistics, and operations management to develop a broad understanding of a supply chain. By taking a strategic perspective, we will focus on relatively long term decisions involving the investment in productive resources, configuration of processes, product designs, and development of partnerships with suppliers and channels of distribution.

    Although the development of analytical tools is not the primary objective of the course, students should be comfortable with quantitative analysis. By the end of the course, you should have enhanced your ability to use analytical tools and conceptual frameworks to make decisions in supply chain contexts as well as a better understanding of the major strategic issues and trade-offs that arise in supply chain management.

    Career Opportunities

    Supply chain managers are able to choose from a plethora of options. They can work designing supply chain systems, as well as auditing current systems, researching improvements, analyzing current systems, and other areas. Supply chain managers also do budgeting and forecasting, as well as buying and planning functions. Once you have earned the MBA in supply chain management, interesting career opportunities may become available to you. Here are just a few possibilities:

    • Materials Scheduler
    • Materials Analyst/Manager
    • Production Analyst/Manager
    • Procurement Analyst/Purchasing Manager

    There are many other positions, such as a supply chain analyst, supply chain systems manager, supply chain manager, and also in the department of logistics. As you can see, working in supply chain management is full of exciting opportunities. If you earn your MBA in supply chain management, there are many excellent career paths to choose from.

    Eligibility Conditions

    The eligibility criteria for admission to MBA course differs from university to university. Basic criteria is that the student must have completed graduation degree in B.Com, BBA, BCA, B. Sc, BA or any other degree level course having the accounts as main subject

    Modules Covered

    There are a total of twenty four modules taught in a span on 4 semesters each with a duration of 30 hours. They are :

    • Principal and Practice of Management
    • Managerial Economics 
    • Accounting and Financial Analysis
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • Business Statistics
    • Soft Skill And Leadership 
    • Computer Fundamental 
    • Business Communication 
    • Business Environment
    • Business Laws 
    • Research Methodology 
    • Operations Research
    • Production and Operations Management 
    • Cost and Management Accounting 
    • Financial Management 
    • Managing Human Resources
    • Supply Chain Management 
    • Project Work 
    • Strategic Management 
    • Management Information System 
    • Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Communication 
    • Entrepreneurship Development 
    • Corporate Governance, Values and Ethics
    • Project Work
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    About International Institute of Management & Technology Studies (IIMTS)

    IIMTS serves the society by providing world-class educational opportunities to one and all.IIMTS is both the promoter of innovation and the protector of tradition. In an increasingly uncertain and volatile world it is both:

    • A dynamic change-agent creating new knowledge, molding new skills and shaping new social identities.
    • A technology oriented institution.

    International Institute of Management and Technology Studies recognizes the key role knowledge will play in social and economic development in the new millennium.They recognizes the key role knowledge will play in social and economic development in the new millennium.

    IIMTS puts students at the heart of it's enterprise. It is committed to offering them a wide array of academic programs consistent with a rigorous approach to higher education, through the development of a flexible but coherent modular system.

    IIMTS has new opportunities:

    To develop radical ideas and expert knowledge on which future society will depend while celebrating a liberal academic culture.
    to establish a democratic entitlement to lifelong participation in higher education while safeguarding high standards in teaching and research.
    facilitate a smooth and seamless continuation of education.

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