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In this course you will learn: - The microstructure of the crystalline materials. - Types of defects in materials on microscopic and macroscopic scales. - Definitions of mechanical properties. - Mechanical testing: tension, compression, bending, impact, hardness, fatigue, creep. - Non destructive tests. - Types of fractures including fatigue and creep ruptures. - Overview on strengthening mechanisms.


The main objective of this course is to provide an overview of the mechanical behavior, elastic behavior, plastic deformation, strengthening of crystalline materials. This goal will be achieved through the study of the crystal structure and defects in materials. Introductory level knowledge of mechanical properties, testing methods, including tensile, compression, bending, hardness and impact tests will be given. Strengthening mechanisms and fracture mechanics including fatigue and creep rupture as well as non destructive tests and control methods on final products will be provided.

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This is an ideal first course for anyone who needs a working understanding of metals and their applications. It has been designed for those with no previous training in materials such as technical, laboratory, and engineers from other disciplines. Also this course is a valuable addition to undergraduate students in mechanical, civil and architecture departments that will help them in progressing in material topics.

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