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Objectives and Specifications

This  program aims at upgrading the academic level of the financial and banking sector employees who hold Bachelor Degree through access master's degree in banking and finance adapting theoretical financial and banking knowledge to practical experiences and skills using the latest educational and technical methods in banking and financial fields.

The program which is being held since 2003 in accordance with the academic affiliation and cooperation agreement is distinguished by its integrated curriculum which comprises specialized courses covering many aspects of finance and banking in the light of world banking and financial developments. In order to provide our Jordanian financial and banking sector with cadres holding MA Degree in Banking and Finance and have skills, abilities and theoretical as well as practical education which contribute effectively to improve their job performance each in his own specialization.

The program also prepares the graduates after completing their studies and obtaining the Ma degree in Banking and finance, to develop thier professional levels and attain higher managerial positions in their nominating institutions in addition to assuming new specialized functions as compared to their previous positions. This all achieved by the added value the graduates have acquired which include new knowledge, abilities and skills after their graduation, that will open new scopes to complete their higher studies, or to obtain internationally recognized and distinguished professional certificates such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Managerial Accountant (CMA) and other similar certificates which qualify the program's graduates to get financial and intellectual benefits, and improve the performance of their institutions, and thus effectively upgrade the qualifications of the financial and banking sector cadres academically and professionally for the benefit of the financial and banking sector in the kingdom.


The Masters Certificate in Banking and Finance is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research according to the resolution number (320) dated 19/12/2002 and the resolution number (407) dated 27/3/2003 of the Higher Education Council. The Institute has adopted the same framework and the master's degree regulations applied by the University of Jordan and the regulations for accreditation issued by the Accreditation Committee of Higher Education Institutions.

Granting Degree and Certificates

The MA Certificate in Banking and Finance is granted and issued by the Institute of Banking Studies and the University of Jordan upon a resolution by the Council of Deans of the University of Jordan and the Institute's Board of Directors, headed by the logos of the Institute and the University of Jordan and signed by the President of the University of Jordan and Chairman of the Institute's Board of Directors / Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan.

System of Education

  1. The scholastic year consists of two main semesters, each comprising (16) weeks and a summer semester comprising (8) weeks could be held in coordination with the University of Jordan.
  2. Full-time attendance is required and distance learning is not permitted.
  3. Courses are given in the afternoon periods and in the institute's premises.
  4. Courses are taught in English language.

 Master's Degree Requirements

The requirements for getting Master's Degree in Banking and Finance are as follows:

  1. (24) Credit hours covering (8) compulsory courses as detailed in the curriculum.
  2. (9) Credit hours covering (3) optional courses as detailed in the curriculum.
  3. The student should pass the comprehensive exam after successfully completing the courses in the curriculum totaling (33) credit hours and not less than (3) points accumulative average.
  4. Maximum study period to obtain the Masters Degree is four semesters and being able to be extended for more two semesters by the approval of the institute's Dean.

About Institute of Banking Studies

The Central Bank of Jordan began in 1965 to study the necessary means of setting up a team for theoretical and practical training aimed at promoting human cadres of the banking and financial sector and study its employees needs and satisfy their desires to advance their scientific and practical abilities . These efforts culminated in the creation of the Institute of Banking Studies in accordance with Article (37) Paragraph (d) of the Central Bank of Jordan Law and in accordance with the Institute,s Articles of Association No. (69) issued on 1970. The Institute   was   officially   inaugurated on   October 9, 1971 and was housed then at the Central Bank,s premises.

In the early 1990,s , the  Institute  witnessed a new stage ; the construction of the Institute,s permanent   headquarter   in  Tla,a  Al  Ali ,  a suburb of the capital  Amman . The complex was constructed on an eight dunums plot of land and comprised of administration units, academic and training activities halls, library, laboratories, cafeteria, health clinic and a multipurpose hall. Also , the Institute has two branches, one in Irbid and the other in Aqaba.  The purpose of  these  branches is to widen the distribution of academic and training activities conducted  by the Institute to cover the various regions of the Kingdom.

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