Mastering the Art of Effective Communication HNI Training & Coaching
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    Who Should Attend:

    • Managers & Supervisors
    • Team Leaders & Team Members
    • Professionals seeking personal
    Course Objectives

    • To understand the significance of EI in communication and how it can highly affect your relationships
    • Build and leverage your communication skills with Social Intelligence
    • Understand the different personality types and learn how to deal with each
    • Get results working with different and challenging personalities
    • Acquire flexibility to gain collaboration with your team
    • Apply proven skills to communicate effectively and develop your network
    • Enhance listening skills to avoid misunderstanding
    • Eliminate communication roadblocks
    • Deliver constructive feedback to ensure successful outcomes and results
    • Communicate with assertiveness
    • Exercise Empathy and understand the perspective of others
    What will you gain?

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in communication, and enhance your current level of emotional intelligence
    • Understand and manage your emotions; how they affect others and how their emotions affect you
    • Overcome personal beliefs that might be holding you back
    • Stay flexible in the wake of change and work with different personalities and communication styles with ease
    • Improve personal and professional relationships through interpersonal mastery
    • Reduce stress and increase productivity through constructive use of emotions
    • Empathise and respect different cultures, and overcome any communication barriers
    • Decode body language cues and read between the lines.
    Course Content

    • Emotional Intelligence and Effective Communication
    • Why EI matters more than IQ in communication
    • Inter and intra Personal Communication
    • What smart professionals know
    • Apply multiple intelligence while communicating
    • Self awareness and the importance of internal communication
    • Evaluate your personal style and development areas
    • Flexibility - the key to successful communication
    • Communication and Interpersonal Mastery
    • Understanding different personality types
    • Practice communication with different types
    • Written Communication
    • Phone Communication
    • Face to face Communication
    • Are we "difficult" or "different"?
    • How different types get hijacked
    • Respect and the different perspectives
    • Empathy and managing communication barriers
    • Strategies of a Skilled Communicator
    • Establishing rapport by matching and mirroring
    • Tools for active listening
    • Communicating through silence
    • The Mehrabian's communication model
    • Verbal communication
    • Non-Verbal communication
    • Impact of body language
    • Understanding roadblocks in communication
    • Navigating through cultural boundaries
    • Working constructively with emotions (the 4 social fears)
    • Assertiveness and Aggressiveness in the workplace
    • Aligning your body language to your message
    • The dynamics of constructive feedback.

    Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

    Effective Interpersonal & Communication Skills

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