Mastering Sales with NLP UV Consultants
Price: AED 2,500
Instructor led live virtual classroom online. Classes may be individual or in group.

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Mastering Sales with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming): 

Become a Super-Salesperson. Discover hidden techniques that successful sales professionals use to experience winning results every moment of the day.  Learn the Art of Selling, the NLP way! 


Diploma in Sales Mastery from NLP Coaching Academy (ABNLP Approved)

Who will benefit:

  • Sale and Marketing Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Executives
  • Entrepreneurs who want to up their companies and sales
  • Anyone interested in Personal Branding

 What you will learn:

  • How people buy! - Knowing your client through your clients eyes
  • Rapport Building - Rapport opens doors and reduces resistance
  • Mirroring- Building non-verbal trust
  • Verbal techniques that build bonds and a connection
  • Influencing Skills with the Client
  • Pacing and leading- bringing your client to the point of buying
  • Effective listening- the bottom line of eliciting outcomes
  • Discovering your client's buying strategy
  • Cashing objections- turning a NO into a sales opportunity
  • Embedded Hypnotic commands
  • Questioning for quality information
  • Closing Successfully- a matter of attitude
Updated on 31 October, 2016

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