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  • Duration: 3 Days

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Customer Relationship Management is an essential, if complicated, process in the success of any business. In order for a company to succeed and flourish, it must not only focus on attracting customers, but even more importantly, on retaining them. However, in today's highly competitive market, the Customer Retention process has become more challenging. This program is designed to help attendees understand the reasons behind customer defection, appreciate the value of loyalty, and recognize and apply the different methods to retain and win back customers.

Expected Accomplishments

Ability to apply the appropriate service, soles, communication, and negotiation skills to:

  • Develop the long-term trust and commitment of customers who ivould otherwise leave
  • Increase retention of customers who request cancellation of services
  • Improve retention of cus tomers who choose price over value
  • Increase overall account profitability by retaining business that would otherwise be lost
  • Improve customers' perceptions of your organization's service quality
  • Promote total customer satisfaction by enabling customers to better understand and appreciate what your product/service/ company can do for them as inpiduals
  • Improve self motivation and commitment

Course Outline

The Value of Loyalty

  • What is Loyalty/ Customer Loyalty,
  • The Gift that Keeps On Giving,
  • Loyalty ft Purchase Cycle,
  • Grov/ing a Loyal Customer,
  • Profit Generating System,
  • Sell Wide ft Deep!
  • Making the Business Case.

Drivers of Loyalty ft Defection

  • Analyze This.
  • It's the Service,
  • Mind the Perception Gap.
  • Survey Customers ft Use Analytics.
  • Start Small,
  • The Last Straw,
  • Predicting Churn,
  • The More Things Change...

How to Handle Customer Concerns ft Complaints

  • Getting it Right.
  • Customer Focus,
  • Accountability ft Transparency,
  • Acting Fairly ft Proportionately.
  • Putting Things Right,
  • Seeking Continuous Improvement.

How to Retain or Win Back Customers

  • Identify Potential Defectors.
  • Communicate With Customers,
  • Listen to Front-Line Staff,
  • Treat valuable Customers Well,
  • Be Fair. Even When You Don't Hove To.
  • Use Exit Barriers, Carefully,
  • Win the Right Customers Back.

Implementation Considerations

  • What about CRM Systems?
  • The Point about"Points“ Programs,
  • Getting Your Whole Company On Board.

Who Can Benefit

  • Customer service personnel

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  • Customer Service Excellence
  • The Art of sales Masters
  • Emotional Intelligence for Business


  • Consultant led classes including presentations with discussions


  • Exposure to management training

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About Etisalat Academy

We_They is the largest single-source business and telecom training solutions provider in the Middle East. For 30 years we have been providing training consultancy and human capital development services to telecoms, government agencies, oil & gas companies, financial institutions and organizations across all industries and business sectors.

We provide training and development programs ranging from cutting-edge technology courses in 3G, WiMAX, VoIP or IPTV, to career-changing leadership masterclasses, strategy workshops and business management seminars.

Based in the UAE and operating a 1.2 Million square feet training facility in Dubai, our partner network spans two continents and delivers world class training solutions to customers in over 28 countries in GCC and MENA regions.

We help organisations to:

  • Develop effective leaders, managers and team members
  • Discover and overcome competency gaps
  • Measure and improve performance
  • Build teams and improve communication
  • Recruit and retain talent
  • Build a knowledge culture
  • Create an organisation-wide competency framework
  • Stay competitive by using cutting-edge technology
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