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The Master in Managerial Psychology course is a 12 unit post-graduate program being offered by HELP University (HELP) through its learning center, HELP Graduate School (HGS). The Master of Managerial Psychology course comprises subjects carefully chosen from a combination of management disciplines with emphasis in psychology subjects. To graduate, students enrolled are required to satisfactorily complete 12 compulsory study units in managerial and psychological issues.

The course is designed to meet the needs of part-time students through weekday seminar sessions.

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The subjects offered in the Master of Managerial Psychology are listed below. Students are required to enroll for the 6 compulsory units; and to choose 6 out of the 8 electives comprising:Compulsory units:MGP601 Project Paper

  • MGP602 Selection and Placement in Managerial Psychology
  • MGP603 Principles of Organizational Psychology
  • MGP605 Training and Development in Managerial Psychology
  • MGP606 Testing and Measurements in Managerial Psychology
  • MGP613 Psychology of Organizational Change and DevelopmentElective units (to choose 6):MGP604 Consumer and Advertising Psychology
  • MGP607 Ethics and Conflict Resolution
  • MGP608 Psychology of Peak Performance
  • MGP609 Psychology of Consulting and Practice
  • MGP611 Psychology of Leading, Coaching and Mentoring
  • MGP612 Cross-cultural Managerial Psychology
  • MGP614 Entrepreneurship
  • MGP615 Occupational Health and Human Factors PsychologyAssessment:Course assessment Various assessment items may be used at the discretion of the subject facilitators. These may include inpidual or group assignments, project writing, tests, class discussion and class participation.Course Duration

Normally 18 months on a modular basis.

Each subject will have a minimum of 44 contact hours comprising:

44-hour weekday seminar sessions


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Since 1986 we have grown steadily and sturdily. We have sustained our student number and ensured a robust financial position. We have distinguished ourselves by excelling as a thought leader, an incubator of outstanding graduates, a model of selective excellence, and as a community-caring institution.

All these years our educational goals have been to prepare students for their first job graduate school, to prepare students for their subsequent career and to prepare students for a fulfilling and productive life. The drives of our vision are our values which are based on “Pride Of Achievement, Sharing Success, The Courage to Be, To Be compassionate, and To be Significant”

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