Arden University Online Master of Business Administration (CMI) Arden University Online
Price: USD 14,576
  • Duration / Course length: 1 To 5 Years
  • Accrediting country: UK

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    Course Overview

    This online MBA (CMI) programme from Arden University provides the critical edge to succeed in the top tier of business, focusing on leadership qualities, business sustainability, and devising strategic models. Whether you're creating a niche start-up or operating in an internationally-recognised corporation, Arden's MBA programme gives you the skills you'll need to set your business up for success.
    Accelerate your learning! This course comes with the option of studying either on a part-time of full-time schedule, allowing you to pace and manage your course to fit your personal and professional commitments. The full-time study mode allows you complete your postgraduate studies in just one year so you can move on with your career.

    This MBA is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute, which gives you free CMI membership throughout your studies as well as access to a range of additional resources that will assist you in gaining your qualification, and acheiving your career goals.

    Course Modules

    Personal & Business Transformation:

    Become an effective leader, as you develop your self-awareness and identify your leadership style. You'll recognise how this impacts those around you, and how it contributes to organisational culture, motivation, and overall future success.

    Ethical Leadership:

    Discover the importance of ethics, and how to set the moral and cultural tone of an organisation. You'll evaluate your own practice, and will have the opportunity to explore ethical dilemmas, reflecting on your own experiences of ethical conflict in leadership situations.

    Managing within a Competitive Environment:

    Learn to analyse your environment, and make decisions relating to marketing, financial models, and external factors influencing an organisation's overall business strategy.

    Leading Transitions:

    Familiarise yourself with the many different reasons organisations initiate change, with an emphasis on technical innovation. You'll consider the range of functions and theories used to implement change, and develop the skills to manage transformation.

    Implementing Strategy:

    Learning to shape the vision, values, purpose, and mission is crucial to success. You'll consider sustainability and ethical practice, in the context of decision-making. You will learn to apply these theories to a range of business problems.

    Sustaining the Business:

    Develop the ability to plan long-term growth strategies against turbulent external factors. Using management models as a framework for understanding, you will explore a broad range of case studies, and present your findings with regard to your own organisation.

    Research Project:

    This vital project gives you a chance to research an area of your choice, related to the programme theme, and develop your critical abilities. You'll create a research proposal, choose between conventional dissertation, or academic article and presentation, and then apply all of your knowledge from the programme, with the opportunity to link your research to your actual work needs.
      Updated on 11 February, 2021

    Eligibility / Requirements

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for this course you must normally have:

    • A UK honours degree at a minimum of second class () or equivalent.
    • For students whose prior learning was not taught in English: IELTS or equivalent (no less than in any element).
    What if I don’t have academic qualifications?

    We positively encourage and consider applications from those with substantial management experience (typically 5 years) and are able to demonstrate their motivation to study the programme. We will ask for your CV and references in support of your application.

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    Arden University is a private, for-profit teaching university in the United Kingdom. It offers a variety of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes with both blended and online distance learning delivery options. Its head office is in Coventry with study centres in Birmingham, Manchester, and London.

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