Master of Arts in Translation Saint Joseph University
Price: AED 102,375

Course details

MA in Translation offered by the School of Translators - Dubai at USJ caters for all needs and levels.

The program objectives are:

- Translating texts from Arabic into English and vice-versa
- Managing information and documentation of a specialized linguistic database
- Proofreading of translation works
- Analyzing the translation operation
- Developing oneself as per the ethics and deontology of translation

The curriculum covers thematic concepts and terminologies related to various fields such as literature, media, copywriting, law, economy, banking, technology and international conferences. The courses requisite professional arabic and english writing.

Job roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

MA in Translation offered by the School of Translators Dubai focuses on students who would want to work in the following fields: Governmental Institutions, Banking and Financial Markets, Non-Governmental Institutions, Law Firms, and Media and Communications.

About Saint Joseph University

USJ was founded in 1875 in Beirut. It has more than 70 conventions with foreign universities. It has more than 200 professors on missions abroad and is accredited in the UAE.

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