• Introduction to marketing management , basic concepts
  • Macro-Micro environmental scanning & analysis
  • STP-Branding (segmentation –targeting-positioning)
  • Wining markets through market oriented strategic planning
  • Pricing in pharmaceutical industry & Pharmacoeconomics & health outcome researches
  • Integrated marketing communication, ROI and carry over sales
  • Product life cycle management
  • Introduction to marketing research ,IMS data cubes
  • Forecasting techniques. Patient based forecasting
  • Pharmaceutical Sales launch management, readiness, excellence and KPIs
  • Patient programs for wining more market share
  • Pharmaceutical brand manager ‘s competent foundations-( competency based –interview)

RCT offers a full package of human developments starting from the recruitment process where we help corporates & individuals to create the best match between them , followed by the consultation process for both individuals in terms of life coaching or career path analysis & corporates in terms of proper customized business consultation . Finally , RCT offers a range of customized training modules that would communicate the right , timely & effective information to each caliber.

In the training arm, RCT offers a full range of business courses customized by different sectors in the market. RCT guarantee that its recruiters, consultants & trainers are the best in the different sectors of the markets in terms of knowledge & field experience. With RCT you will have a full customized service , where examples , rule plays ,cases are completely customized to the aimed sector (FMCG, Retail, Pharmaceutical…etc).

We are committed offer corporates & individuals the most effective service in terms of quality & quantity as well as cost. Our core values concentrated in being transparent & committed with our clients, effective in our services, responsible to our society & all the time customized to the market needs.

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