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The ability to sell precise knowledge of market research and distribution channels and strategies marketing, advertising, publicity and public Alaqlat and other factors is not at all the main conditions that works to achieve the highest level of sales and success in marketing task, but there are other factors that lead to success and foremost of which is that The director of the marketing department manages his staff, and that their appointment and motivate them and control them, in addition to be is responsible for the planning and organization of their activities.


  • Marketing Basics
  • The basic concepts of marketing management
  • Analyzing marketing opportunities
  • Analysis of the product life cycle
  • Product development and pricing policies
  • Promote and develop the company's market policies
  • Develop marketing plans
  • Contact create marketing channels
  • Market penetration methods
  • Marketing strategies
  • Introduction to management and marketing strategies
  • Determine the quality of markets and the behavior of purchase
  • Analysis of the institution's position on the market
  • Alastrajiat to choose the appropriate product life cycle
  • Design marketing strategies
  • Develop marketing plans
  • The development of marketing programs
  • The application of marketing strategies
  • Choosing the best methods of advertising and promotion
  • Market research
  • The importance of marketing research and purpose of the
  • Marketing research process
  • Definition of marketing problem
  • Research Design catalog
  • Research methods
  • Data collection and analysis of samples during the
  • The concepts of product testing and packaging trade name
  • Studies Test Market
  • Display Search Marketing
  • Sales forecasting
  • Concepts and methods to predict
  • The importance of sales forecasting and purpose of the
  • Methods to predict how sales
  • Quantitative methods to predict sales
  • Ways to predict the potential market
  • Fundamentals user statistics in sales forecasting
  • Sales and sales management skills
  • Sales management concepts
  • The role of Sales Manager
  • Tools used to follow up sales
  • The concept of personal selling (directly to the consumer)
  • Sales rep qualifications and responsibilities
  • Buyer behavior and the sales process
  • Planning and conducting telephone sales calls
  • Communication and negotiation skills for sales representative
  • Salesmanship.


  • Principles of Marketing
  • Marketing Communications
  • marketing planning and control
  • International Marketing
  • methods of marketing research
  • Department of products and brands
  • Pricing and distribution management

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