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This course is designed to provide Marketing and Sales training for inpiduals who are interested in obtaining a thorough understanding into the elements involved in Marketing and Sales. The course will introduce participants to recent advances and trends in the field and how these can be leveraged for the success of their business. They will learn to analyze the 4 Ps of marketing and to conduct a SWOT analysis. They

will also learn about the many common strategies for success and will analyze the benefits and drawbacks of each. Participants will have the opportunity to design both a marketing plan and a marketing campaign during the course. Case studies and activities during the course will help to bring the topics learned to life in order for participants to apply it to their workplace in the future.

Course Introduction

  • The course will begin with participant introductions and a discussion of the topics that will be covered in this course. Students will receive an outline of the course and will have an opportunity to ask questions regarding the content. In addition, students will be asked to analyze their learning objectives from this course.

What is Marketing?

  • The concepts of Marketing and Sales will be defined for participants and they will proceed to discuss these terms. This session will also introduce students to other key terminology that is used in this industry.

Marketing and Sales

  • What is a Trend?
  • Participants will learn about the difference between trends and fads and how they can be used in marketing. Emphasis will be placed on understanding how a trend or a fad is created and propagated and what benefits they can provide to a business.

The Fundamentals of Market Research

  • Market research is a key component of professionals working in or with the marketing department. This session will teach participants about primary and secondary research and what the benefits and drawbacks of each are. Participants will also gain experience conducting their own research in order to gain practice obtaining information from a variety of sources.

Successful Strategies

  • One of the most important components of Sales and Marketing are the strategies that are used.
  • Participants will learn about a multitude of strategies that have proven to be successful in the past. They will understand the proper context and situation in which to use them and will analyze whether they can be used in their own business to improve success.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission statements are an important component of any business. Students will learn to understand the difference between mission, vision and values and will gain practice writing them. They will also discuss what characteristics make these statements a success.

Advertising Material

  • This session will cover typical material used for advertising a business such as brochures, pamphlets, flyers, mail outs and various other forms of advertising material. They will critique them in order to develop a framework for developing advertising material that will result in success.
  • Marketing and Sales

Making the Best of Trade Shows

  • This session will concentrate on trade shows and determining the tradeoff costs of participating and not participating in them. Participants will learn how to prepare for a trade show, along with learning guidelines for during and after trade shows. They will also learn methods of identifying when trade shows take place within their region and worldwide, along with determining whether a tradeshow is worthwhile to attend.

The Marketing Plan

  • A crucial component to this course is teaching participants to develop thorough and successful marketing plans. Participants will learn about the 4Ps of marketing and will learn how to conduct a SWOT analysis. They will learn marketing both with big and small budgets. They will have the opportunity to study various marketing plans and will create one of their own pertaining to a real life scenario.

Sales Strategies

  • This session will concentrate on selling strategies and will discuss effective techniques for generating new clients. They will learn about high yield sales behaviour and effective strategies for sales pitches. They will study client interactions and best practices for ensuring client satisfaction. This session will also allow participants to improve upon and practice their communication skills in situations that involve selling.

When to Say No

Marketing and Sales

  • This session will teach participants when and why they should decline new clients. Participants will look at cases and situations where it is more profitable to turn a client away.

The Fundamentals of Advertising

  • In this session, participants have the opportunity to analyze some myths about advertising.
  • This session is very thorough and teaches participants the common methods of advertising and their benefits. Participants will learn how to create effective advertising campaigns according to specific situations. They will also learn how technology can be used in advertising and a variety of successful methods of electronic and Internet advertising.

Effective Habits of Networking

  • The final topic will discuss the benefits of networking and how to make use of any opportunity to expand your network. Participants will learn about habits and characteristics that make a professional an expert networker.

Any Questions?

  • The course will end with a review of the concepts learned and a question and answer session.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to create an action plan based on what they have learned and they will fill out a feedback survey about the course.

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