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Being a successful leader requires not only business knowledge, but also interpersonal and management skills. This course will teach you how to handle the challenges you face in your new role as a manager. You will learn how to build, motivate, and maintain an effective, high-performing team.

Make the most of your employees' skills and abilities by delegating appropriately and avoiding micromanaging. Discover the difference between leadership and management and what you can do to become a better leader. Understand your role in team communication and what you can do to ensure fewer misunderstandings. Use the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator and understand how to effectively communicate, deal with conflict and difficult people, and motivate and create a positive team atmosphere. Learn how to link feedback, coaching, performance management, and progressive discipline to ensure top performance and to deal effectively with underperformers. Also, learn how to manage time, set priorities for you and your team, and negotiate those priorities with your boss.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a new manager
  • Effectively lead a team by using different leadership styles
  • Avoid micromanaging
  • Deal with conflict and difficult people on the team
  • Create a healthy team and learn what to do with dysfunctional teams
  • Understand the communication loop and how to avoid obstacles
  • Set priorities effectively on your team and negotiate those priorities with higher management
  • Plan and run effective team meetings
  • Delegate effectively to both new and experienced employees
  • Develop a stress management plan for you and your team

Course Outline:

Roles and Responsibilities of a New Manager

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • The three functions of management
  • Avoiding micromanagement


  • How to lead a team using traditional models of leadership
  • The difference between leadership and management

Interpersonal Communications Skills

  • The communications model
  • How team communication breaks down
  • The role of the manager when it comes to listening and communication
  • Effective interpersonal communication

Effective Listening

  • Learn a listening skills toolbox of 6 skills
  • When and in what situations should you actively listen?
  • The benefits of listening with understanding

Performance Management

  • How to give effective feedback
  • Negotiating coaching plans with each employee
  • Principles of performance appraisals

Dealing with Conflict

  • Positive and negative conflict
  • Understanding conflict
  • Controlled, expressed, and irrational anger

The 6 Most Difficult Types of People and How to Deal with Them

Creating and Managing Effective Teams

  • Effective and ineffective teams
  • Team rules, roles, and behaviors
  • The 6 characteristics of effective teams
  • What to do with a dysfunctional team
  • Phases of team development


  • Traditional motivation models
  • Motivating your under-performers
  • How to create a motivating team environment
  • Find the right reward for each team member


  • Delegate menial tasks so they get done
  • Delegate the tough, important jobs to ensure they are done right the first time

Time Management and Priority Setting

  • Setting effective priorities with your team
  • Dealing with e-mail, interruptions, andmeetings
  • Negotiating priorities with your boss

Stress Management

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