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This dynamic training program is designed for managers who delegate to traditional teams and for those who supervise blended teams whose members include direct reports, tricky dotted- line reports, “temporary loans,” and virtual teams. Through hands-on activities and practice exercises, participants will learn how to better focus on the fundamental components of delegating effectively, setting goals, giving performance feedback, and providing growth opportunities.

Course Outline

What Is a Team?: The Basics of Group Dynamics

Discussion of the teambuilding process: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. Participants will learn what a team is and how managers can set the stage for successful group interactions., participants will rate their leadership and supervisory skills using a self-assessment instrument designed to find performance gaps.

Now Do This: Delegation Done Right

Delegating to the right staff member with specific goals and targeted outcomes is an ideal situation. Participants will create checklists with time lines including specific communications, motivations, check-in points, and interventions as needed for maximum effectiveness of each staff member.

Building Personal Credibility: Understanding Different Communication Styles

Using Business Training Works’ signature diagnostic tool, The Communication Jungle, participants will learn to identify their own work styles and those of their coworkers and subordinates in order to get buy-in from each type.

Be SMART: Goal Setting for Peak Performance

This portion of the training explores the components of SMART goals and allows participants to practice delegating and communicating goals and expectations to the people they supervise.

So, How Am I Doing?: Delivering Performance Feedback

Performance feedback should not only happen during an annual review. It should be part of the normal working relationship between managers and those they supervise.

It’s Not What You Say: Rephrasing for Better Relationships

“it’s not what you say but how you say it” is one that takes some people years to understand. In this instance, participants will learn how to use language so that it will be better received.

Better Questions, Better Answers: Skills for Drawing out Others

focuses on how to ask open-ended and closed questions and when to use each for better team communication.

Beyond Hearing: A Model for Better Listening

Participants will learn how to focus on the speaker, empathize with what is being said, analyze the message, and respond appropriately.

Difficult Personalities and Difficult Situations: Dealing with Challenges

Participants will discuss better ways in which to communicate and manage those whose actions make the process hard.

Becoming a Cheerleader without Being Cheesy

This program ends with ideas for motivating a team to succeed. From emails of appreciation to recognition at meetings, the emphasis is on building camaraderie and suggests the extra things managers can do to make their department a better place in which to work.

Learning Objectives

At the program’s conclusion, participants should be able to:

  • Recognize their strengths and growth opportunities as managers.
  • Recognize the four behavioral styles and how to coach each.
  • Capitalize on their style for more effective communication.
  • Delegate tasks to others.
  • Set SMART goals for themselves and others.
  • Provide constructive feedback and follow up on goals and workgroup targets with subordinates.
  • Counsel an employee who is not performing up to expectations.
  • Illustrate the impact of body language and vocal tones on communication.
  • List tactics for dealing with difficult behaviors.
  • Effectively run a business meeting.
  • Develop an action plan to improve their supervision skills.

Who should attend?

Seniors, Middle managers

Course Features

This program conducted through instructor support involving individual, group exercises, role plays ,team games ,open discussions & analysis of work based – situation , assessment tools to give participants valuable skills & techniques to master the topic

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About CTC Academy

We_They Academy | Authorized Training Center: We_They Academy is an Egyptian company established in 1999 in Cairo-Egypt.

We_They Academy Training centers are private independent training centers.

Our office is located in Cairo. We_They Academy Training centers programs are offered by highly professional training methods. We_They Academy is one of the leading private educational centers which offers International Universities and Training Colleges programs.

Employers in the international employment market are confident that holders of our certificates and diplomas have been well trained and have acquired good skills and knowledge. Certificates and diplomas awarded by We_They Academy Training Centers are stamped by highly professional international training colleges and universities. The demand on We_They Academy Training Centers courses, programs, certificates and diplomas are on the increase nationally in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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