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Hello and welcome to my landscape photography course, Limitless Landscapes!

This is the third paid course I've published on Udemy, and some of my most exciting content yet. Lets have a look at what it includes...

The course is broken down into 6 different sections - be sure to check out the 4 free preview videos!

In section one, you learn all about the gear you should use, with thinks like:

  • Why your camera isn't nearly as important as your lens, and which lenses you should use
  • How to prevent camera shake to produce crystal clear images
  • And the different filters used by landscape photographers

Section two is all about taking photos:

  • How the aperture and shutter speed will affect the depth and mood of your photo
  • How the focal length affects the field of view and perspective, and what it means if you have a crop sensor
  • Where to focus for the clearest possible images
  • The best time of day to take landscape photos
  • How to take amazing and dramatic images in some of the most interesting weather conditions
  • Where to look to find the most interesting locations for your photography
  • The power of revisiting a scene
  • And how to shoot into the sun for spectacular lens flare (and how to remove it too)

Section three is all about using composition to improve your photography:

  • How to add depth and interest using the rule of thirds
  • Where to place your horizon to make your photo more interesting
  • How to add depth and context, using frames
  • Lead people to the part of the frame you want them to look at, with lines
  • Create a sense of size and scale in the photo
  • Tie important parts of the frame together, using triangles to make a photo appear balanced or unbalanced
  • How the point of view dramatically affects how we perceive a photo
  • How to draw your attention to a certain part of the frame, using negative space
  • And how to effectively capture movement in a frame

Section four is all about post processing, we look at:

  • How to process your images so that you're improving them, without altering their integrity
  • How to use Lightroom presets for fast processing
  • And how to use Photoshop to fix certain parts of the frame that you're not happy with

In the bonus content, you get to follow me as I show you how I took some of my favourite images, and what I do to get my photos featured in galleries. There's also a video on light painting!

And finally, I'm throwing in my '7 Days to Better Photography' video course which currently sells for $47 on Udemy, with over 2,200 subscribers.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy the course, click on 'Take This Course' today.

Josh Dunlop - ExpertPhotography

Updated on 30 December, 2017
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