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The Diploma in Banking is designed to give students a background in the technical and service skills required in today's banking environment. To be competitive, banks require employees with good problem-solving abilities, who can work in a team environment, adapt to changing environments and be prepared for life-long learning.

The program has been developed to provide students with ongoing development of practical and consumer-centric skills that will allow them to develop a diverse set of technical and people skills resulting from many "hands-on" opportunities throughout their program by way of exposure to real-life applications of banking principles and experiences.

By the end of the two-year Banking Program, graduates will have acquired a solid basis of business and banking knowledge, as well as a comprehensive set of competencies and skills allowing them to be productive in an actual bank setting. Their program would have provided them with the foundation necessary to be able to participate in further learning and training as may be deemed necessary by their future employers and required for their banking career advancement.


  • To provide students with a broad understanding of the fundamental business principles and practices essential to efficient and effective job performance in a banking work environment.
  • To provide knowledge and develop skills in various key areas of banking, particularly in the areas of retail banking and the sale of financial products and services offered at a retail bank.
  • To help students develop strong work skills and ethics, such as teamwork, self-reliance, problem-solving, etc.
  • To prepare students for productive employment in the banking sector and to offer them a solid basis of knowledge and competencies that would serve them as the foundation for further professional development throughout their career.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program may obtain employment with a bank and occupy an entry-level position in a variety of areas such as retail banking, operations, credit department, etc. The following job titles represent examples of the positions graduates may be assigned to, depending on the bank's recruitment needs at the time:

  • Management trainee
  • Trainees
  • Junior positions such as: tellers, cashiers, customer service representatives, account opening, etc.
  • Branch office clerical staff.


  • MA1400 Mathematics of Finance I
  • CM1240 Business Communications I
  • MC1220 Productivity Tools I
  • SD1480 Workplace Skills
  • AC1260 Financial Accounting I
  • BK1100 Banking Operations I
  • MA2400 Mathematics of Finance II
  • CM1241 Business Communications II
  • MC1221 Productivity Tools ll
  • EP1160 Intro to Business Functions
  • EC1200 MacroEconomics
  • AC2260 Financial Accounting II
  • FN2160 Investments-An Overview
  • EC1640 Money & Banking
  • BK1101 Banking Operations II
  • OJ1540 Work Exposure I

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