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This is a six-level course. It consists of two stages: the foundation stage, and the achievement stage. In the foundation stage students will deal with Introduction to International Legal English course book which is an intermediate level course for law students and practitioners of law. The book is a Cambridge University Press production in co-operation with Trans legal, Europe’s leading firm of lawyer- linguists, thus all the legal texts and case studies are authentic.Featuring both academic and professional contexts, Introduction to International Legal English develops the four key skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. By the end of this stage, students can begin using The International Legal English Course Book, after which they can start preparation for the Cambridge ILEC examination. Both stages will include instructor-provided supplementary material as well that will further enhance the students’ skills development work.


  • Legal English Level 4 (30 hrs.): International Legal English course book (Units: 1-3)
  • Legal English level 5 (30 hrs.): International Legal English course book(Units: 4-6)
  • Legal English level 6 (40 hrs.): International Legal English course Book(Units: 7-10)


By the end of this course Learners will show the following:
  • They will develop their communication in a commercial law environment through focusing on a variety of legal topics, such as, company, criminal, international and comparative law.
  • They will be able to read legal texts, cases, correspondences and memoranda critically.
  • They will develop their interactive speaking skills through role playing client lawyer interviews, presentations, mock trials, and debating.
  • They will deal with a lot of realistic case studies that are up to date and authentic.
  • They will be able to write a summary of different points of the Egyptian Law, a letter of advice, and will be able to draft letters, briefs, and memos in legal terminology in the legal genre.
  • They will develop listening skills, such as listening for the general gist and specific information of interviews, phone calls, etc..

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