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Why should you join this course?

  • you really want to learn Dutch and are looking for an affordable course that is educational and fun
  • you want to learn the hows and whys behind the language, but also want real practice of what you learn
  • you want to be part of a fun community of learners of Dutch worldwide

Dear fan of Dutch, yes, you!

Once upon a time, you set out to learn Dutch. But every course you find just turns out to be very bland with too many boxes with grammar rules and never-ending vocabulary lists...

Well, guess what... I am a superb teacher of Dutch and I love entertaining. Shake those two up, and you get an interactive course, motivating you to really stick with it and have what you learn stick to you.

My magic? In introducing daily topics and useful expressions, I subtly have you picking up basic grammar rules. Unlike most other language courses, I won't devote entire chapters to complicated grammar rules, but will instead subtly weave them into the topic.

And then there's the Spaced Retention trick...

Things will only stick if you quickly practice what you learn and keep doing that every so often. So get ready to not only listen to the voice on your screen, but also happily interact and answer any questions I have for you!

And that, dear fan of Dutch, is how a course can be made educational, interactive and fun!

Be sure to check out the course preview to find out more and check out for many more practice materials and tips and tricks to keep learning!

Veel succes en veel plezier! Good luck and have fun!

Updated on 08 November, 2015

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