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[Update April 18 from Kim:In an effort to give full disclosure to future students I'd like to let you know that I'm undergoing treatmentfor Stage 4 Lymphoma. I hope and aimtomake a full recovery by next year!This meansI'm not able to participate as an instructor as much as I'd like to but students have excellent reviews of my courses and asksurprisingly few questions - I hope that means that my courses are complete enough without needing lots of clarification. Please remember there is a money backguarantee so if you purchase my coursethen decide you would needmore instructor input you can utilise that feature. So remember life is short -take the course - learn the skills - makethe move-do the thing - eat the cake - and rememberto always check that what you are doing makes you happy!]

If you're a graphic designer orpackaging designer you've probably realised by now that clients respond better to 3d imagery. Their long awaited business ideas come to life in front of them and often they won't have the spatial awareness to translate a 2d design to 3d in their mind.

Being able to produce photorealistic imagery of your designs will therefore take you to another level as a designer.

Perhaps you've already explored 3d software, maybe even tried Blender - a FREE powerful 3d modelling software program. But the vast majority of tutorials on the Internet and in books are aimed at modellers, game designers and character designers. Its hard to find quick, simple, focused courses or tutorials that break Blender down to the need-to-know for the graphic or packagingdesigner.

This course teaches you:

  • The basics of the Blender interface
  • How to navigate in the Blender 3d world
  • How to set up and manipulate a simple object
  • How to apply your design to that object
  • How to set up a really simple photography 'studio'
  • How to take a photorealistic render shot
  • How to apply advanced textures that are used so often in the design world:
    • Transparent sections/'windows'
    • Foiling
    • Embossing
  • How to find free or cheap 3d models to save you time
  • How to use 3rd party 3d models in order to 'wrap' them in your own 2d designs

You are also provided with extensive step-by-step worksheets to follow along with the course and for quick referral after the lessons.

This course assumes you are proficient in creating your own 2d designs in your program of choice, but that you are a complete beginner to 3d modelling.

You will need an adequate Internet connection to watch the video lectures. You will need a printer to print the worksheets. You will need a computer system that can run Blender. And you will need the time and motivation to engage with thecourse tofinish with the start ofa great3d portfolio!

The course is taught by showing you live video screencasts, with me in a little corner screen as I film. Whena student asks a question in the course discussion I will often film a video tutorial in response and post it as a bonus lecture.

Some feedback from my students (check the Student Feedback section to verify!)


I have taken this instructors courses before and this one is the best so far. I have been wanting to learn how to do 3d mock-ups for ages but assumed it would take months to learn. I'm still working on my first few designs but I watched the whole course over just a few sessions and have been able to follow everything really well. The worksheets are BRILLIANT and have helped so much, they're practically a workbook in themselves. Highly recommended!



great tutorials. easy to follow



Learning interesting new things and the instructor really knows how to teach. The course seems well organized so far.


Updated on 14 November, 2018

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