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If you look at the most successful people within any organisation, you will notice that they all have a high level of self confidence, The ability to be strong, assertive and confident is a key skill that is needed by anybody who wishes to raise their profile and move to higher levels within the business.

  • The ability to put your point across strongly in a meeting
  • The be assertive when necessary
  • The ability to say NO, when needed
  • The ability to confidently stand and speak to a group of people
  • The ability communicate your confidence to others
  • The ability to stand your ground

It is a proven fact that your Level of personal self confidence will impact greatly on your business success, this course is designed to for all people who wish to boost up their confidence and assertiveness so that they can lead people more effectively.

The higher you move up the organisation the more important it is to be seen as strong and confident and assertive, this course is a crash course in building these key skills so that you progress upwards within the organisation.

The Goals

By the end of this seminar you will be able to:

  • Speak to groups in a way that will inspire and motivate them
  • Put your message across assertively in business meetings
  • Get people to buy into your ideas
  • Win around doubter's and people who disagree
  • Say NO
  • Speak with passion and confidence
  • Project confidence and credibility to those you work with
  • See a dramatic increase in your level of self confidence

The Process

The seminar is highly interactive, and will require participation from all that attend, a mixture of lecture, group discussion, practical exercises, people will be taught how to communicate to groups and have the chance to practice.

The Benefits

Participants will gain a noticeable increase in self confidence. And be able to communicate with confidence in all business situations, run more effective meetings, sell their ideas more easily, influence people at all levels, and be more dynamic. This will help them to be noticed by people at higher levels, and raise their profile within the organisation.

The Results

Modern organisations need their employees to be able to sell their ideas, run effective meetings and motivate there teams to achieve the goals of the business, people returning from this course will have a higher level of self confidence, and will be trained to communicate assertively and professionally. Because of this increase in self confidence you will see the participant return with more enthusiasm and be willing to take more risks.

The Core Competencies

This seminar aims to enable participants to develop the following competencies:

  • Building upon our level of self confidence
  • Build a credible business image
  • Be confident in all business situations
  • Communicate clearly, so that others understand and buy in
  • Sell our ideas to senior level
  • Be seen as a strong, assertive confident leader

The Conference Content

Creating a Confident and Credible Image

  • What does it mean to by strong, confident, assertive
  • Where does self confidence come from
  • The comfort zone and its impact on business success
  • Banishing the fear of speaking in public
  • Self perception and its impact on confidence
  • How being confident can help you raise your profile
  • Body language and its impact on credibility
  • Dress and grooming (everything matters)

Confident Communication to Groups

  • How to run efficient and effective meetings
  • How to prepare for and structure a business presentation
  • How to get over the nerves of giving a business presentation
  • Effective questioning skills
  • Dealing with questions from senior leaders
  • How to sell yourself and your organization and your ideas
  • Building rapport in business presentations

Confident Communicating to Get Results

  • The power of using stories to get messages across
  • Using analogies effectively
  • Using evidence to win people over to your way of thinking
  • Increasing your personal power and charisma
  • When to be strong and when to play weak
  • Inclusive/exclusive language and its effect on people

Communicating Passion

  • The importance of passion
  • Developing courage and confidence in conflict situations
  • Beating your comfort zone and taking more risks
  • How not to be afraid of speaking strongly in meetings and presentations
  • Using our full range of communication
  • Powerful closes that move people to action
  • Become a magnetic personality

Enhancing your Profile Within the Business

  • How to conduct yourself to senior people
  • How sell change to people who don't want to change
  • How sell unpopular policies to team
  • How to make yourself memorable
  • Be a radiator, not a drain
  • The speaking challenge

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The adage that “knowledge” is power holds very true in this industry. In order to maximize results we are constantly updating and upgrading ourselves. This commitment to ongoing skills development is one of the reasons we are success, the belief that there is a “better way to do things” is what motivates us each and every day. By aligning with us you are going to benefit from our years of expertise in real world scenarios. Classroom learning is great but there is no substitute to real world experience which is what we are bringing to the table.


Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said “price is what you pay but quality is what you get” and that expression is very true. With use we understand that your time is very valuable and you only want the best and most current industry related knowledge which is what we bring to the table.  Instead of giving you massive amounts of inaccurate or outdated information you get precisely what you want, the most current knowledge so you can make truly informed decisions that will directly impact productivity and your bottom line. When results are what you are looking for then the choice is clear, we are your partners in success.


Technology has revolutionized the way knowledge is disseminated in throughout the world, what use to take months or even years to reach the masses can be done in a few hours ! In order to remain relevant and viable we need to embrace innovations. The challenge with innovation is knowing when to implement it and what type of return you can expect from it. Instead of risking your time and resources we have the answers for you, Since we are at the vanguard of the industry whenever there is a fruitful innovation we will be there providing you with the information needed to make the right decision.


We understand you may have unique need so we provide a tailored made (bespoke for our U.K. friends) approach that will address your questions in the most conducive manner possible.  Respect to us means putting your interests, your needs at the forefront of our mind. You will see how genuine we are and that you not just “some customer” you are our partner in success just as much as we are your partner in success. We firmly believe in the “golden rule”, treat others with graciousness, courtesy and respect.  Come experience the difference that quality and respect makes and you will truly be amazed.

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