• Understand the role of supervisors and managers and the demands it places on you.
  • Study the most current research on leadership dynamics.
  • Develop a 'Management Mindset' as a leader, motivator and communicator.
  • To increase personal and group productivity.
  • Improve your business communication skills.
  • Better control group meetings and team-based projects.
  • Improve your delegation, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • Use Performance Appraisals and feedback to keep your staff highly motivated.
  • learn the meaning of, and barriers to, motivation
  • Adapt your supervisory style to fit any organizational context.
  • Control difficult employees using conflict resolution techniques


Part(1) : The Key Roles of leaders and Managers

  • The Role of the leader
  • Developing a "Management" Mindset
  • The Thinking and Planning Processes

Part(2) : Effective Leadership and Team Motivation Techniques

  • The manger as a Leader
  • The manager and the Team
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Leadership Styles to Maximize Motivation
  • Delegating Tasks
  • The Problem-Solving Process
  • The Decision-Making Process
  • Managing and Resolving Conflict
  • Managing and Resolving Conflict
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Working with De-motivated Individuals
  • Communicating Expectations
  • Training Employees

Ministry of Planning and Administrative Reform is the prime champion to support the foundation & establishment of the We_They.

The We_They of the Arab Republic of Egypt has been established with a mind set to be a Regional Development Consultant & an implementation arm in the areas of human capital development, administrative capacities development & information technology professional services.

We_They operates as a profit oriented organization while promoting Excellence within the government, private sector’s and the entire MENA region. We_They has established strong ties and relationships with accredited organizations and specialized entities that are internationally recognized. Such network of relations, complements We_They offerings with a wide spectrum of products, services & knowhow's that can be delivered to serve the performance improvement cause of businesses & e-government essentials / capacities (equally). 

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