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  • Learn Korean at MODLI and enjoy the challenge of discovering one of the world’s oldest living languages.
  • Korean is spoken by more than 72 million people living on the Korean peninsula.
  • Although it differs slightly in spelling, alphabet, and vocabulary between the two regions, Korean is the official language of both South Korea and North Korea.
  • About two million people in mainland China speak Korean as their first language.
  • There are another two million Korean speakers in the United States of America, a further 700,000 in Japan, and 500,000 in the Russian regions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

We offer 6 different levels, from the very beginner to the most advanced.6 levels, into 3 stages:

  • The elementary stage : 2 levels
  • The intermediate stage : 2 levels
  • The advanced stage : 2 levels

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About Ministry of Defense Language Institute

The We_They is a military educational institution receives excellence and international recognition in the teaching of foreign languages and seeks the spread of cultural awareness among the peoples of the world and access to international friendship and understanding to achieve world peace and ensure customer satisfaction and compliance with requirements.

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