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Updated on 29 October, 2017
  • Locations: Dubai
  • Duration: 2 Days

Course details

To keep a sustainable competitive advantage technology alone is not sufficient, knowledge and the management of the same is integral for any company operating today. This course aims to qualify participants as information and knowledge professionals in diverse and contemporary environments. It is designed to equip them with the relevant skills for professional practice in all knowledge and information management agencies. The sessions emphasize the management and use of digital information for a diverse society and an organizations competitive advantage in the effective use of the modern tools. A broad theoretical base, emphasizing the need for communication, is translated into the necessary skills for professional practice. The course also allows for specialization in the fields of knowledge management, internet communication, records management and librarianship or a general stream that allows participants to customize an information studies qualification to suit their needs.

Expected Accomplishments

  • Understand the fundamental concepts in the study of knowledge and its creation, acquisition, representation, dissemination, use and re-use, and management.
  • Appreciate the role and use of knowledge in organizations and institutions, and the typical obstacles that KM aims to overcome.
  • Know the core concepts, methods, techniques, and tools for computer support of knowledge management.
  • Understand how to apply and integrate appropriate components and functions of various knowledge management systems.
  • Get prepared for further study in knowledge generation, engineering, and transfer, and in the representation, organization, and exchange of knowledge.
  • Critically evaluate current trends in knowledge management and their manifestation in business and industry

Course Outline


  • Overview of knowledge management 
  • The nature of knowledge 
  • Knowledge management solutions 
  • Organizational impacts of knowledge management 
  • Factors influencing knowledge management 
  • Knowledge management assessment of an organization


  • Technologies to manage knowledge: artificial intelligence, digital libraries, repositories, etc. 
  • Preserving and applying human expertise: Knowledge-based systems 
  • Using past history explicitly as knowledge: case-based systems 
  • Knowledge elicitation: converting tacit knowledge to explicit 
  • Discovering new knowledge: Data mining 
  • Text knowledge management Et text mining


  • Knowledge discovery: Systems that create knowledge\
  • Knowledge capture systems: systems that preserve and formalize knowledge; concept maps, process modeling, RSS, Wikis, Delphi method, etc.
  • Knowledge sharing systems: Systems that organize and distribute knowledge; Ontology development systems, categorization and classification tools, XML-based tools, etc. 
  • Knowledge application systems: Systems that utilize knowledge

Looking forward

  • What to expect: The future of knowledge management

Course Location

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