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Lean development has been used for decades in manufacturing industries, most notably in passenger cars and is today being used in various development and sustenance projects, including Software. Kanban is one of the most popular frameworks for development in a Lean Framework – focusing on improved lead time, removing bottlenecks, not overloading team members, cutting waste and streamlining work. It also uses some of the principles of Agile Manifesto. Kanban is widely preferred in support and services related projects.

JIRA with Agile Add-on, from Atlassian, is one of the most widely used tools for Kanban based development and is used in small startups to large organizations. It is not only easy to use, but also intuitive and provides a rich set of features and lot of flexibility in managing Lean/Agile projects following Kanban. 

As the world moves towards cloud computing and distributed work environment becomes the norm rather than the exception, Atlassian JIRA Agile as a Kanban Development cloud/hosting tool helps immensely for rapid application development. Also, the total cost of ownership in using and maintaining this tool is one of the lowest in the market. 

While it is important to know the theoretical principles of Lean/Kanban such as Backlog, Kanban Boards, Work in Progress, Finding and removing Bottlenecks, improved cycle time and lead time, Control Chart, Cumulative Flow Diagram et al, it is also important to know how to use them in a practical, real-world tool in a distributed environment.

“Kanban Development with Atlassian JIRA Agile”, will give you a sound base on Lean/Kanban related principles and practices. More importantly it takes a practical, hands-on approach, which has proven immensely useful for team members working on Kanban Projects in a globally distributed cloud computing environment.

Module – 1: Introduction 
  • Lean Fundamentals
  • Why Kanban
  • Why JIRA Agile for Kanban
Module - 2: Kanbanetials
  • Overview of Kanban
  • Kanban Vs Scrum – Differences
  • Kanban Vs Scrum – Similarities
  • Various types of Kanban
  • Team roles in Kanban
  • Iterations and Works
  • Working, Tracking, Monitoring
  • Reporting in Kanban
Module - 3: Atlassian JIRA Agile - Overview
  • Projects, Boards, Issues
  • Workflows, Workflow Schemes
  • Components, Versions, Issues, Fields
  • Issue Types, Configuring Issues
  • Swimlanes, Columns, Filters and Cards
  • Screens, Screen Schemes
  • JIRA Query Language (JQL), Quick Filters, Advanced Filters
Module - 4: Using JIRA Agile for Kanban
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Work, Report Modes for Kanban
  • Is there a Plan Mode?
  • Configuring Kanban Board
  • Designing workflow, Workflow Scheme
  • Configuring Filters, Cards, Card layouts
  • Configuring Working/Non-working days
  • Planning for Releases
Module - 5: Diving Deep into JIRA for Kanban
  • Roadmap, Epics and Versions
  • Creating Components for your Project 
  • Creating your own workflow and theme
  • Visual representation of WIP (the board)
  • Constraint limit for WIP
Module - 6: Let’s talk Scrumban
  • Why Scrumban
  • Adding the Plan mode
  • Working with the Plan mode in Scrumban
  • Prioritizing (or Grooming) the Backlog
Module - 7: Various Kanban Reports
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Control Chart
Module - 8: Creating Kanban Dashboards:
  • Creating your own dashboard
  • Dashboard system management
  • Customizing Dashboards
  • Adding various Metrics into Dashboards
Module - 9: Conclusion
  • Tips for advanced usage of JIRA Agile for Kanban
  • Limitations in JIRA Agile for Kanban
Who Can Attend?
Kanban is widely used in Support/Sustenance or Service related projects. For development projects countering problems with fixed iterations (or sprints), nowadays, Kanban is preferred. Though earlier used in manufacturing industry, it is widely used now in other industries including Software.

This course is specially designed and focused with a practical hands-on approach with JIRA Agile and using Kanban with this tool. If you are keenly interested in knowing how Lean/Kanban works in a distributed environment, which has become the norm nowadays, this course will be suitable for you.

This training will provide value to professionals working in development, sustenance and service related projects. Some examples of professionals who would benefit from attending this training and certification are: 

  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Managers-Software development
  • Architects-Software development
  • Product Managers
  • Software developers
  • Software coders and testers
  • Team Leads or Team Members who are interested in working and thinking in an agile manner can attend this course. This includes technical and non-technical staff, at any level.

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