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It may sound a little daunting but this Jewellery Making Course covers everything in easy-to absorb-modules, separated into smaller, even more manageble sections that will quickly take you from novice to designer to business owner, all in your own time and at your own pace.

What's especially alluring about designing and selling your own jewellery, is that not only is it a creative use of your spare time but you can set up at home and design pieces in your spare time around a full-time job or other responsibilities.
  • A little bit of history about jewellery (don't worry its only brief and actually quite interesting)
  • Considerations when designing various types of jewellery
  • How to manipulate and treat various materials
  • The equipment and supplies you'll need to create various pieces and how to use these safely
  • How to gain inspiration and follow a design process to turn your ideas from sketches to finished pieces
  • How to go about outsourcing
  • How to set up your business, including fulfilling orders and selling your designs in a variety of ways (including wholesale, craft shows, and setting up an online shop)
    • How to gain employment in the industry


  • Module 1 Benefits of the Career
  • Module 2 About Designing Jewellery / Jewellery Past to Present
  • Module 3 How to Design Jewellery
  • Module 4 How to Design Different Types of Jewellery
  • Module 5 Jewellery Materials
  • Module 6 Equipment and Supplies
  • Module 7 The Design Process
  • Module 8 Making Your Own Jewellery
  • Module 9 Outsourcing Production
  • Module 10 Preparing for Your Career
  • Module 11 Getting Hired
  • Module 12 Starting Your Own Business
  • Module 13 Fulfilling Orders
Updated on 28 January, 2019

Job roles this course is suitable for:

Jewellery designer , Jewellery

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