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Updated on 08 November, 2015

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Module One: Introduction

  • The differences between client-side and server-side JavaScript
  • What client-side JavaScript can do, and what it cannot?
  • Advantages of scripting in the client.
  • Scripting versus cross-browser and cross-platform scripting.

Module Two: Getting started with scripting

  • Integrating JavaScript programs into HTML documents.
  • Using comments inside script regions.
  • Using the script language attribute.

Module Three: An introduction to objects

  • Internal objects (string, number, array etc)
  • HTML-reflected objects, e.g. form objects, frame, link, window and document objects.
  • Variables.
  • Arrays.
  • User-defined objects
  • JavaScript operators: increment, decrement, assignment, greater than/less than etc.

Module Four: Statements

  • Using JavaScript statements
  • Flow-control statements
  • Iteration statements
  • Functions, arguments and parameters

Module Five: Events

  • JavaScript’s event-system.
  • OnMouseOver, onMouseOut, onLoad, onUnLoad, onClick events.
  • Handling hyperlinks.

Module Six: Form processing

  • JavaScript’s integration with HTML forms.
  • Main form-elements: radio/checkboxes, text fields, text area fields, etc.

Module Seven: Window manipulation

  • Creating windowed applications, allowing multiple documents to be updated and manipulated.
  • Window validation, opening and closing.
  • The opener property, opening windows, determining if windows are open/closed.
  • Changing window URLs, writing data in to windows, and closing windows.

Module Eight: Frameset manipulation

  • Manipulating multiple-framed documents
  • Creating navigational controls and multiple-document applications.
  • Dynamic frame-creation and variable scoping.
  • Naming frames.
  • Accessing frames.
  • Removing frames.
  • Writing to a frame.

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