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Introduction to Java Programming

  • Stand-alone applications.
  • Compiling source code into bytecode.
  • Overview of class libraries.

Language syntax

  • Declaring and initializing variables.
  • Declaring and using arrays.
  • Upcasting, downcasting and autoboxing.

Flow control

  • Invoking methods and passing parameters.
  • Conditionals and loops.
  • Handling exceptions with try and catch.

Defining classes

  • Fields (instance data).
  • Methods (functions).
  • Abstract classes and interfaces.
  • Organizing classes with packages and modifiers.
  • Composition vs. inheritance.

Building the components of a Java program

  • Leveraging generics with the collections API.
  • Developing new classes.
  • Compiling and debugging.

Developing GUIs, Foundations of user interfaces

  • Basic GUI widgets.
  • Event-driven programming.
  • Benefits of a portable windowing library.

Java Foundation Classes (JFC)

  • Creating Swing components.
  • Adding Swing components to containers.
  • Arranging Swing components using layout managers.
  • Dialogs and message boxes.

Event handling

  • Registering event handlers
  • Inner classes and top-level classes

Storing and Retrieving Data with File I/O , Java streams

  • Streams, Readers and Writers.
  • Catching and throwing exceptions.
  • Formatting text output.

Files and directories

  • Reading and writing files.
  • Creating, deleting and renaming files.
  • Obtaining directory and file information.

Working with Relational Databases , JDBC database access

  • Leveraging the JDBC API.
  • Choosing database drivers.
  • Connecting to a database.

Improving performance with prepared statements and stored procedures

  • Submitting SQL statements.
  • Retrieving and processing results.

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