Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) - Pakistan ISO 17025:2005 LMS Internal Auditor Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) - Pakistan
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1)  Introduction to Calibration systems.
2)  Introduction to Calibration management systems and the process approach.
3)  Identifying the elements of an effective calibration system.
4)  Understanding the requirements for those supplying calibration services.
5)  Preparing for compliance and improving and utilizing measurement data focusing on continuous improvement and cost reduction.
6)  Fundamental principles of laboratories.
7)  Accreditation of laboratories.
8)  Presentation of ISO 17025.
9)  Management requirements.
10) Technical requirements.
11) Selection of the approach and implementation methodology.
12) Implementation of a document management framework.
13) Drafting an LMS (quality manual, procedures, records).
14) Monitoring the LMS.
15) ISO 17025 internal audit.
16) Management review of a ;
17) Improvement.
18) Traceability and Gauge Block Comparator.
19) Uncertainty of Measurement.
20) Sources affecting Measurement and Calibration. Updated on 23 January, 2018

About Resource Inspections Canada Incorporated (RICI) - Pakistan

RICI is a multi-disciplined CQI and IRCA (UK) Approved Trainer and a Certification Body associated with IAS (US). We are geared towards exceeding customer satisfaction in the fields of ISO Management Training, Auditing, Inspections, Testing and Certification.

RICI operates from different corners of the world, with locations in North America, Asia and Middle East. We are equipped with a diversified team of professionals who are dedicated and committed into rendering quality and excellence.

RICI is the leading provider of CQI and IRCA Certified and other training services in the region, focuses on fostering businesses with their compliance management challenges and preparing their staff to perform services in an extraordinary way.

RICI courses are designed and delivered by our team of great expertise, who with their extensive knowledge are nicely positioned to address the competency needs of your team and to help them carry out their roles effectively and according to regulations. We believe that training should be a extending beyond simply meeting a standard of knowledge.

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