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Introduction to Environmental Management and ISO 14001
▶▶ Course objectives and structure
▶▶ Standard and regulatory framework
▶▶ Certification process
▶▶ Fundamental principles of environmental management
▶▶ Environmental Management System (EMS)
Audit principles, preparation and launching of an audit
▶▶ Fundamental audit concepts and principles
▶▶ Audit approach based on evidence and risk
▶▶ Initiating the audit
▶▶ Stage 1 audit
▶▶ Preparing the stage 2 audit (on-site audit)
▶▶ Stage 2 audit (Part 1)
On-site audit activities
▶▶ Stage 2 audit (Part 2)
▶▶ Communication during the audit
▶▶ Audit procedures
▶▶ Creating audit test plans
▶▶ Drafting audit findings and non-conformity reports
Closing the audit
▶▶ Documentation of the audit and quality review
▶▶ Closing the audit
▶▶ Evaluating action plans by the auditor
▶▶ Beyond the initial audit
▶▶ Managing an internal audit programme
▶▶ Competence and evaluation of auditor

Eligibility / Requirements

Internal auditors
▶▶ Auditors wanting to perform and lead Environmental Management System (EMS) certification audits
▶▶ Project managers or consultants wanting to master the Environmental Management System audit process
▶▶ Persons responsible for the Environmental conformity in an organization
▶▶ Members of an Environmental management team
▶▶ Expert advisors in Environmental Management
▶▶ Experts wanting to prepare for an Environmental audit function

Jobs roles this course is suitable / will prepare you for

Internal Auditor , Environmental Officer , Occupational Health Specialist

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About Tenol Alpha

Tenol Alpha Limited is a leading consulting firm in Africa offering marketing research, project management, training, ISO management systems consulting services, auditing, talent acquisition, business improvement and business advisory services.

We offer certified and approved courses on ISO 9001, ISO 20000 ITSMS , ISO 27001 ISMS , ISO 22301 , ISO 14001 EMS< OHSAS 18001 , ISO 22000 FSMS, ISO 28001 , ISO 50001, ISO 21500 , ISO 37001 , ISO 38500 etc , COBIT 5  , ITIL ,  etc .

We are affiliated to TVECERT Certification services and thus a provider of CQI-IRCA related courses for the categories of Foundation , Internal Auditor and Lead Auditor. Further , we provide PECB Certified courses for all management systems.

Our Services include :

§Information & Guidance
§Management Systems Certifications 
§Service Quality Audit/Measurement
§Marketing Research
§Customer Satisfaction Measurement
§Second Party(Supplier) Audit & Verification
§Bench marking Study
§Customer Experience Modelling
§360 degree process measurement
§Continual Assessment & Strategic Reviews

We offer company certification to any international standard of choice through our partner certification bodies such as PECB-Professional Evaluation and Certification Board ,Canada , QRO LLP ,Zenith Quality Assurance  ,UK and TVECERT Certification Services Limited
§Certification services are professionally handled ,managed at reasonable charge and are delivered timely
§Companies with multiple management systems such as ISO 9001 ,ISO 27001 ,ISO 20000 etc can embrace our integrated management system certification service to reduce cost and optimize resources
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