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This instructor led course provides technical training to help network engineers with the implementation, configuration, and maintenance of IP version 6 (IPv6) networks using Cisco devices running Cisco IOS software

Target Audience

This course is aimed at network designers, network engineers, network administrators and systems engineers.


  • Describe the key differences between IPv4 and IPv6
  • Explain the structure of the IPv6 packet and how IPv6 is enabled in Cisco IOS software
  • Identify how IPv6 is supported in DNS and DHCP
  • Examine how the routing protocols have been modified to support IPv6
  • Define the changes to QoS with the introduction of IPv6
  • Describe how multicasting is supported by IPv6
  • Explain the IPv6 transition mechanism available for the integration of IPv6 into the network
  • Identify and illustrate IPv6 security threats and design practices
  • Understand the mobile IP model and the advancements made through Mobile IPv6
  • Examine the IPv6 multihoming issue and identify the current solutions under development in the IETF
  • Compare and contrast different methods for deploying IPv6 in both enterprise and service provider networks


  • Intermediate knowledge of networking concepts
  • Intermediate knowledge of Cisco IOS software configuration
  • CCDP certificate track

Course Outline

Introduction to IPv6

  • Explaining the rationale for IPv6
  • Evaluating IPv6 features and benefits
  • Describing the IPv6 Header Format

IPv6 Operations

  • Understanding IPv6 Addressing Architecture
  • Enabling IPv6 on Cisco Routers
  • Defining and Configuring Neighbour Discovery
  • Examining Cisco IOS Software Demands
  • Describe ICMPv6 Message Types
  • Identifying IPv6 Data Link Layer Protocol

Advanced IPv6 Topics

  • Describing DNS in an IPv6 Environment
  • Understanding DHCPv6 Operations
  • Understanding DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation

IPv6-Enabled Routing Protocols

  • Routing with RIPng
  • Examining OSPFv3
  • Examining Integrated IS/IS
  • Examining EIGRP for IPv6
  • Understanding BGP (BGP4+)
  • Understanding Support for IPv6 in MPLS

IPv6 Services

  • Understanding QoS Support in an IPv6 Environment
  • Using Cisco IOS Software Features
  • Implementing Multicasting in an IPv6 Network

IPv6 Transition Mechanisms

  • Implementing Dual Stack
  • Describing IPv6 Tunnelling Mechanisms
  • Describing NAT-PT

Security Issues in IPv6

  • Configuring IPv6 ACLs
  • Using IPsec and IKE
  • Discussing Security Issues in an IPv6 Transition Environment
  • Understanding IPv6 Security Practices

Examining Mobility

  • Deployment of IPv6Content
  • Examining Mobile IPv4
  • Examining Mobile IPv6
  • Understanding Network Mobility

Deploying IPv6

  • Examining IPv6 Address Allocation
  • Understanding the IPv6 Multihoming Issues
  • Identifying IPv6 Enterprise Deployment Strategies
  • Identifying IPv6 Service Provider Deployment Strategies

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