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The latest version of Cisco IP Contact Center Enterprise is based on updated Call Manager, IP IVR, and ICM software. All labs have been rewritten and tested, and you'll learn to configure IP Contact Center and understand how it operates using new call flows. You'll also cover CAD, the Cisco Agent Desktop, and expanded reporting

Target Audience

System engineers, Channel Partners and Resellers, and Cisco employees and customers who will implement, configure, and support the Cisco IPCC Product and who have already attended training on the ICM Product
IPCC solution concept

Solution models and their issues

Build a "clean order" for an IPCC solution

Design an IPCC solution using all applicable components

Install, configure, test, and maintain IPCC components for the single-site environment

Formulate and implement IPCC call flows and routing

Use Cisco's standard IPCC deployment tools

Troubleshoot the IPCC solution set

ICMPT1 - Cisco ICM Product Training Part 1

ICMPT2 - Cisco ICM Product Training Part 2

IPCC Pre-Routing from IXC Call Flow

Course Outline

1. IPCC Pre-Routing from IXC Call Flow

2. IPCC Post Route from CallManager Call Flow
3. Configure CallManager for IPCC - Includes Lab
  • Add an IP Phone
  • Add a User
  • Add Additional IP Phones
  • Configure a Route Point

4. CRS Script Editor

5. Create a CRS Script - Includes Lab
6. Configure IPIVR for IPCC - Includes Lab
  • Initial Setup Configuration
  • Provision the JTAPI Provider
  • JTAPI Call Control Group Configuration
  • Verify the CTI Port Associations
  • Cisco Media Termination Dialog Group Configuration
  • Upload Prompts to Repository
  • Upload Scripts to Repository
  • Create an Application
  • Configure the ICM Subsystem

7. ICM Configuration - Includes Lab

  • Configure Network VRU
  • Configure Network VRU Script
  • Configure Peripheral Gateway PG1A
  • Configure IPIVR Network Trunk Group and Trunk Group
  • Configure a Generic Service for Translation Routes
  • Configure Agent Desk Setting
  • Configure Peripheral Gateway PG2A
  • Configure CM Network Trunk Group and Trunk Group
  • Configure Skill Group for PreSales
  • Configure Additional Skill Group for PostSales
  • Configure an Agent
  • Configure an Additional Agent
  • Create a Supervisor
  • Create an Agent Team
  • Configure a Device Target and Label
  • Configure Additional Device Target and Label
  • Configure a Call Type
  • Configure a Dialed Number
  • Map the Dialed Number to a Call Type

8. ICM Component Installation - Includes Lab

  • Install Peripheral Gateway PG1A (IPIVR)
  • Start Peripheral Gateway PG1A
  • Install the Cisco JTAPI Plug-In
  • Install Peripheral Gateway PG2A (CM)
  • Install CTI Gateway CG2A (CTI Server)
  • Start the Processes

9. CTIOS and CTIOS Desktop - Includes Lab

  • Install CTI Object Server (CTI OS)
  • Install Cisco CTIOS Softphone
  • Login to CTIOS Supervisor and Agent Desktop

10. Translation Route Wizard - Includes Lab

11. ICM Script and Call Tracer - Includes Lab

  • Create the ICM Translation-Routing Script named TransRoute
  • Test the TransRoute Script using Call Tracer
  • Test the TransRoute Script using Phones

Volume 2: System IPCC Enterprise

1. System IPCC Installation - Includes Lab
  • Initial Setup Configuration
  • Install Cisco JTAPI Plug-In

2. Web Administration Deployment Wizard - Includes Lab

3. Post Installation Configuration - Includes Lab
  • Configure a Desk Setting
  • Configure an Agent
  • Configure a Team
  • Configure a Skill Group
  • Configure a Call Type
  • Configure a Dialed Number
  • Configure IVR Scripts
  • Configure Network IVR

4. Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD)

5. Cisco Desktop Applications Installation - Includes Lab
  • Install Cisco Desktop Administrator (CDA)
  • Install CAD
  • Install Cisco Supervisor Desktop (CSD)

6. System IPCC Script - Includes Lab

  • Create the IPCC Sales Script
  • Test Call Routing

7. CAD Workflow - Includes Lab

  • Install CDA
  • CAD User Interface Home Page
  • Agent Desktop Workflow Creation
  • Testing CAD Workflow

8. Cisco Outbound Option

9. Cisco Outbound Option Installation - Includes Lab
  • Join the IPCCDialer to the Domain
  • Install the Outbound Dialer
  • Machine Wizard/Deployment Wizard (for IPCCDialer)
  • Configure Outbound Call Types
  • Configure Outbound Dialed Numbers
  • Configure the Outbound Skill Group
  • Enable the Outbound Option Call Variables
  • Outbound Option System Options Configuration
  • Outbound Option Dialer Configuration
  • Outbound Option Import Rule Configuration
  • Outbound Option Query Rule Configuration
  • Outbound Option Campaign Configuration
  • Enable Outbound Mode for CAD
  • Configure CallManager Device Pool
  • CallManager Bulk Administration Tool (BAT)
  • Adding a CTI Route Point for Outbound Abandon
  • Create an Outbound Administrative Script
  • Create an Outbound Reservation Script
  • Create an Outbound Abandon Script
  • Create the Sales_Survey.txt Data File
  • Test the Outbound Option

10. Parent/Child - Includes Lab

  • Cisco Parent ICM/Child IPCC Relationship

Installing and Configuring Parent/Child

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