In this part you will develop your first iOS apps and learn more about XCode, Debugging, UI element, Interface Builder and more.

Get started

  • Xcode Overview
  • Setting Up Your Project in Xcode
  • Xcode’s Interface Builder
  • App life cycle and AppDelegate

Basic UI Elements

  • Understanding Outlets and Actions
  • Adding the Buttons and Action Method
  • Implementing the Label, Image View, Text Fields, Switches, Buttons Segmented Control and Pickers
  • Implementing The Action Sheet and Alert
  • Learn the concept of Sub views

Navigation in iOS

  • The UIViewController class and its life cycle
  • Modal View Controller
  • Tab Bars
  • Navigation controllers

Table View

  • Table views
  • Custom table view cell

Design patterns

  • Understand and implement The Model-View-Controller Paradigm
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