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This course gives a thorough introduction to the basic principles and practices of insurance and its key disciplines.

For all insurance personnel across any specialist area who either want to better understand the industry they work in, or to broaden their knowledge into other areas. 


This course will be delivered in Arabic.

DAY 1:


  • The principle of Insurable Interest: the concept of Insurable Interest, the emergence of the concept and its application.
  • Principle of Utmost Good Faith: the essential facts, how long have the duty to disclose exists, disclosure and use of intermediate parties, breach of the principle of utmost good faith and the consequent.* check with KAN re changes to consumer insurances in Europe
  • The principle of the Proximate Cause: the concept of causality and examples, concurrent causes, hazard classification according to the concept of causality, the application of the concept of the Proximate Cause of the fire insurance document, the amendment in principle, concurrent and insurance reasons.
  • The principle of Indemnity: the concept of indemnity, how indemnity is calculated, measuring the amount of indemnity, the factors that limit indemnity, expand the application of the principle.
  • Subrogation: The concept of the principle of subrogation, the principles emanating from the principle of subrogation, how subrogation arises, when subrogation is settled.
  • The principle of contribution: the concept of the principle of contribution, how the emergence of contribution, how the principle of contributi8on is applied, amendments of the principle.

Insurance documents:

  • Requesting insurance: the purposes and uses of insurance proposal forms, general and specific questions, acknowledgement and signing the form.

  • Insurance models: Co-insurance, policy documents, supplements, certificates of insurance, cover notes

DAY 2:

  • Underwriting and Rating: the role of the insured, material and moral risk characteristics, the underwriter, terms and conditions, evaluation of the amount of insurance, calculating the premium.
  • Reinsurance: Reinsurance objectives, concepts and terminology, methods of reinsurance.
  • Types of reinsurance: proportional reinsurance (quota share, surplus), non-proportional reinsurance (excess of loss, stop loss and catastrophe cover).
  • Premiums
  • Renewals and cancellations: renewal procedures, cooling-off days, long term agreements, cancellations, re-insurance premium.
  • Claims: Claims procedures, claim forms, the amounts payable (property insurance and the meaning of proximate clause), the amounts payable (insurance liability), the amounts payable (life insurance), payment terms, parties who receive compensation, payment by mistake, refund insurance or compensation to the extent of what it was before the loss (indemnity), disputes relating to claims.

About Arab Insurance Institute

Created under the umbrella of the GAIF – General Arab Insurance Federation and owned by 40+ shareholders from insurance-related organizations from across the Arab world, The Arab Insurance Institute is an independent organization providing training and education to insurance-related organizations and inpiduals across Middle-East, Gulf and North Africa.

their ctheirses and programmes are designed to support people from all disciplines in, or associated with, the insurance industry, both general and life; insurance and reinsurance providers, insurance brokers, loss adjusters, and insurance departments in other business sectors. The range of ctheirses is constantly expanding in response to demand.

As experienced insurance practitioners and business leaders they know that in order to improve performance at work, training needs to develop practical skills as theyll as theoretical knowledge. To achieve this they bring together academic research, practical advice and guidance, professional development and rigorous standards to enhance technical competence and business capabilities. This is good for business, for society at large, and good for people's working lives.

they combine of face-to-face delivery with the latest methods in technology-enabled learning, appropriate to the topic and programme requirements. Ctheirses are offered across the region, some from their permanent sites and others from temporary venues. their trainers are insurance practitioners and/or specialists in their field.

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