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This course covers introduction to Insurance and Insurance Documentation.


Upon the completion of this course, the participant will have:

  • Received a broad introduction to the concept of insurance and will have a general understanding of the insurance market
  • Acquired a basic knowledge of the nature and function of insurance
  • Understand the economic, legal and social environment in which insurance operates

Content Highlights

  • History of insurance
  • The concept of risk
  • Risk management process
  • Functions & limitations of insurance
  • Insurable fundamental principles
  • The insurance market and its main components
  • Main insurance classes and covers
  • Agency in insurance
  • Underwriting & rating principles
  • Insurance documentation
  • Claims & office administration
  • Reinsurance

Target Audience

  • Employees of Financial institutions (both banks and insurance companies) in the early stages of their career, Non-insurance employees who wish to acquire insurance knowledge.

Course Structure

  • The course is conducted via a combination of lectures; case studies; role plays; and videos, where applicable.

  • The nature and main features of risk and insurance
  • The nature and main features of risk
  • The concept of risk and risk perception;
  • How different risks are categorized;
  • The risk management function and process;
  • The relationship between frequency and severity of loss;
  • The types of risk that can be insured and the types of risk that cannot;
  • What is meant by a peril and a hazard as they relate to insurance;

The nature and main features of insurance

  • The basis of insurance as a risk transfer mechanism;
  • How insurance operates by the pooling of risks;
  • How insurance benefits policyholders and society in general;
  • The main legal principles governing insurance contracts
  • The essentials of a valid contract of insurance;


Insurable interest

  • The requirements for insurable interest in insurance contracts.

Utmost good faith

  • How the principle of utmost good faith applies to contracts of insurance;
  • How the duty of disclosure operates;
  • The definition of a material fact;
  • The consequences of non-disclosure or misrepresentation of material facts.

Proximate cause

  • How the principle of proximate cause is applied to noncomplex claims.


  • The definition of indemnity and which types of policy are policies of indemnity;
  • How the indemnity principle is applied to contracts of insurance;
  • What is meant by agreed value, new for old, reinstatement and first-loss policies;
  • The application of average.


  • The principle of contribution and when and how it applies.


  • The principle of subrogation and how it applies.

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