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This instructor-ledcourse provides students with the knowledge and skills to work with HTML5.


  • After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Start building HTML5 pages.
  • Understand the major benefits of HTML5.
  • Understand the difference between HTML5 and HTML 4.
  • Be familiar with HTML5's new elements and attributes.
  • Work with audio and video in HTML5.
  • Work with HTML5's new Canvas element to create code-based drawings.
  • Use Web Storage for offline applications
  • Use all the cool new HTML5 form elements
  • Understand the current state of browser support for HTML5 and how to make HTML5 sites degrade gracefully.


  • Module 1: Laying out a Page with HTML5
  • Module 2: HTML5 - How We Got Here
  • Module 3: Sections and Articles
  • Module 4: HTML5 Audio and Video
  • Module 5: HTML5 Forms
  • Module 6: HTML5 Web Storage
  • Module 7: HTML5 Canvas
  • Module 8: Integrated APIs

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