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What is an interview?

 An interview is a meeting between a job applicant and a representative of the company. The meeting comes about because the company had a job available. People applied for the job. The company needs to decide who to hire.

The interview is also your opportunity to look at the company. You get to ask questions about the company’s business. It is your opportunity to see if the company suits you.

 In the 1800’s when a company needed workers, they would put a sign outside the building. If the sign read: “Tall Men Needed”, there would be no reason for you to apply if you didn’t reach the mark on the door.,

 If you owned a mill and needed a man to work with the grinding stones, the interview would consist of your examination of the applicant’s hands. The hand that worked the stones would be rough and would have stone embedded in it. Smooth hands would tell you that the applicant did not know how to do the job.

Today, an interview is still a visual inspection and usually includes a pre-employment drug screen.


  • This interactive workshop enhances interview skills. It provides an opportunity to learn the different phases of interviewing: preparation and planning, conducting an interview, and follow up. The course is inter-active and includes a high level of student participation.

Learn how to

At the end of the course students should be able to plan and prepare for interviews

  • Describe techniques for effective information gathering.
  • Design questions to facilitate the interview process.
  • Develop interview goals and defines outcomes.
  • Structure and conduct interviews.
  • Identify personal factors that can contribute to successful interviews.
  • How to write your CV.

Course outlines


  • The need for interviewing skills
  • Common problems in selection

Planning and Preparation

  • The job description
  • The employee specification
  • Sifting the applications
  • Compiling question

The Interviewing Environment

  • On arrival
  • Book an appropriate room
  • Avoid interruptions
  • Layout and furniture
  • Keep an eye on the time
  • Be prepared

The Interview

  • Conducting the interview
  • Interviewing skills
  • Reviewing the interview

 Following the Interview

  • Using your notes
  • Backing up your decision
  • Other considerations
  • Letting everyone know
  • What if you draw a blank

How to write your CV?

Admission requirements

  • Filling in the registration form, in details, and answering all the questions at the back of the registration comprehensively.
  •  Making a pre course interview with the head section.

About Hi Q Academy

In 2001 Hi-Q Academy started with one computer branch at 8th Moheb Street, Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt with 2 computer labs and staff consisted of five administrators and three instructors. HI-Q started with great partner like Microsoft gold partner and focusing on offering computer ctheirses for adults who seek job opportunities.  Hi-Q was the first training center in Tanta that offer computer ctheirses with new, different and modern style that attract big numbers of people and achieved, for their clients, trust in a place that could be a good substitute for them instead of traveling to Cairo to get what they need. HI-Q Academy offered all Microsoft and Cisco ctheirses with theyll experienced instructors from inside and outside Tanta, they also started offer computer ctheirses for kids that helped so much in raising people awareness with the important of learning computer from young ages. Hi-Q Academy marketing plan along with innovate ideas in advertising gave it a great push forward in having good marketing share.

In 2004 their second Languages and soft skills was opened at 16th Botros Street, Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt with five labs and at this moment their staff reached ttheynty administrators and over than fifty instructors.

In 2005 their main branch has expanded with another three computer labs with one lab for their international exams, VUE/PROMETRIC.

In 2008 Zagazek Branch was opened with a franchise protocol.

In 2009 Mahlla Branch was opened with a franchise protocol.

In 2009 Qatar branch was opened.

In 2012 they are expected to move to their new branch in Down Town in Tanta, Gharbia governorate, Egypt in one big place for their company.  

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