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  • Locations: Sharq
  • Duration: 4 Years

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The single major objective of the program is in developing the trainee doctors into highly competent specialists in the branch of Internal Medicine. It will be achieved through a structured and supervised training program where the candidate will receive hands-on experience in the practice of clinical medicine, performed independently but under guidance and supervision of highly competent senior teachers and specialists. The training which will encompass all branches and subspecialities in medicine will be closely evaluated and performances assessed. Such clinical training will be supplemented with theoretical (didactic) teaching, self motivated computer-based access to information and involvement in research. At the end of the training period, the candidates will be assessed for their competence through a series of clinical and theoretical examinations given by internal and external assessors.


Candidates who have completed their Erst Year Internship or those who would be completing their Erst Year Internship within three months, but before the start of the Postgraduate Programme are eligible to apply.


The program consists of rotations in general medicine (2 years) and related sub-specialities (2 years). Candidates who successfully complete the programme are eligible to sit for the Certifying Examination of Kuwait Board of Internal Medicine (KIMS). 

During the first two years the candidates will rotate through different units of General Medicine. Each rotation is of three months duration.

On completion of two years in General Medicine, the trainees will start major speciality rotations of three months duration, minor speciality rotations of four weeks and six weeks duration, as well as elective periods of four weeks duration.

At the end of each rotation the Supervisor or Unit Head will send to the postgraduate office an evaluation of the performances of the candidate in a format evaluation sheet approved by KIMS.

During the four years of training it is compulsory for all trainees to attend the following activities:

Clinical sessions (bedside teaching) once weekly.

One candidate will present the cases at each Clinical Session. The candidate’s performance will be evaluated by the staff moderator.

Journal session once weekly.

  • Two or three original articles will be presented by the assigned candidate during this session. The candidate’s performance is evaluated by the staff moderator.
  • The above sessions are over and above the regular grand rounds (twice weekly) held in each hospital.
  • 10 MCQs are distributed once a month to all postgraduate candidates to be answered andretumedfor assessment.
  • A Problem Solving computer course of 30 hours duration will be conducted during the first year of training.
  • A review course in Internal Medicine is conducted every year during October - December for examination going candidates. We invite an international visiting consultant doctor for each speciality from UK for a week’s period to contribute to this course.


  • A candidate will be eligible to take the Part I Examination when he/she
  • Has completed two years of training in Internal Medicine.
  • Has satisfactory evaluation reports from the Programme Director Co-ordinator for each year of training in a format approved by KIMS which should include knowledge, clinical skills and ethical conduct.
  • Has not failed in the Part I examination previously on more than a maximum of two occasions.
  • A candidate who fails on three occasions, will be excluded from the training program.
  • No candidate can proceed to fourth or the final year of the Programme unless he has passed the Part I Examination.

Examination Procedure

Part I Examination

Consists of 100 Multiple Choice Questions True False type with 5 stems each, on applied basic sciences. The duration of the examination is two and half hours. Each incorrect answer will carry a negative mark.


  • A candidate is eligible to take die Part H Examination when he/she
  • Has completed a minimum of 4 years training in Internal Medicine. KIMS.
  • Has passed die Part I examination at least one year before die date of die Part II examination.
  • Has a satisfactory evaluation report from die  Programme Director Co-ordinator for each year of training in a format approved by KIMS which should include knowledge, clinical skills and ethical conduct.
  • A candidate who fails die Part H (Final) Examination on three occasions may be permitted, upon die approval of die Examination Committee, to re-appear for one further examination, providing he produces satisfactory evidence of having spent at least one additional year of further training in a recognized center within a period of  two years from die date of die last failed final examination.

Examination Procedure

Part II Examination

  • Consists of 60 multiple choice questions (MCQs). of die True False type. The questions are clinically oriented.
  • Part H consists of Data management cases (Grey cases and Data Interpretations).


The dinical examination will be based on long cases and short cases. The candidate would also be examined at a viva at which ECGs. X-rays and slides will be presented.


External examiners and local examiners will partidpate in die examination.

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About Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization

KIMS was established under a decree issued by HH the Amir of Kuwait. The institute is engaged in a variety of activities, including the organization of internship training of pre-registration medical graduates, specialty training at various levels in different medical fields, and continuing medical education programs for health professionals practicing in Kuwait.

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