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Our Interior Design Course covers all the basic skills you need to know about art and decoration used in the Interior Design profession for designing residential interiors. You will learn to emphasize the development of conceptual and technical skills as well as the creation of an artistic point of view to evaluate, formulate and implement creative design solutions to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the client. You will also explore the relationship of interior design to decorative styles, materials and finishes, crafts, technology, design innovation, practitioners, international standards and professional practice. Special attention is given to Sketching, measurement, room planning, auxiliary views that give you an awareness of the importance of designing for sustainability. Also, providing an overview of some of the major historical periods focusing on influential thinkers of each age.

Course Content:

  • Brief about the history of interior schools, identifying all different styles and trends of interior design.
  • Understanding of interior spaces proceeds from general discussion of architectural space to the particular characteristic of interior space in three dimensions drawings.
  • Learning the process of creating a well designed home. And translating all the main design characters of (Concept, programmatic needs, space) into a well presented coloured drawings.
  • Creative learning of creating interiors mood boards, sample boards and colour palettes.
  • Understanding the Psychology of colors. Learning all types of colors and how to use colors in the process of interior design.
  • Consider environmental, spatial and cultural issues, and use them to inform concepts of interior space.
  • Developing skills in research, critical analysis and an historical understanding of key issues, students will attain a broader understanding of their discipline. Also demonstrate the relationship between theory, research and design project outcomes.
  • Explore the social implications of the design of human space, and embed within practicing interior design projects.(exp. 2 Bedrooms studio project) explore the elements and principles of visual design and apply each of them to the unique field of interior design. By developing a creative professional presentation shows all process of interior design.

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About Arts Square Academy

We_They was founded by Sherine Heshmat who was the head of Fashion Design Department at the Fashion Design Center in Egypt (FDC) for 9 years.

In September’ 2012, We_They started as an educational center for all fashion related sciences and consultations and also all Fine Arts fields for adults and juniors and recently the academy started providing courses for photography and interior design.

The basic idea was collecting professional specialists in every fashion and art field in Egypt with a superb educational and professional experience that not only educate but also consult their students after graduation.

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