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Arabic for diplomats program is a specialized in the needs of diplomats in this globalize environment.

  • public speaking skills
  • formal and informal communication techniques
  • analysis of written and oral media releases.
  • Focus on specialized terminology such as language about mediation and negotiation.
  • Understanding linguistic nuances and culturally sensitive environment.
  • And strengthening critical thinking skills as the problem solving and the negotiation
  • This program is one to one and valid thought the year with a prior reservation .

All programs provide

Flexible time frame: that it will suit to the vary schedules of the diplomats including distance learning option for diplomats particularly demanding schedule.

The integrated program: in co-operate specialized language and instructions with content best instructors.

Content course and workshop: that integrate trade and policies studies , economic negotiation and mediation and conflict resolution.

Project oriented curriculum: that places and emphasis authentic materials filled specific language.

Arabic for Diplomats

Course Overview

  • Arabic course for Diplomats designed to fulfill the Diplomats individual needs. Arabic for Diplomats course is important to develop the Arabic language skills required by diplomats in order to gain the confidence in everyday process of their office and also to improve their language to gain international relations.
  • The course is one to one focusing on personalized study program designed to achieve their individual learning needs and goals. Its main focuses are oral communication skills, formal presentation, meeting and negotiation scenarios, and informal social situations.
  • It is totally customized to the participants requests and need .

Course Objectives

The Arabic for Diplomats course will assist participants to develop the Arabic language skills to :

  • Gain fluency in communicating professionally and comfortably in formal situations in Arabic.
  • Preparing speeches and presentations in many topics.
  • Learning negotiations skills in Arabic Language .
  • Chairing and participating in meetings and conferences.
  • Discussing current and foreign affairs.
  • Speed-reading for specific information and absorbing high volumes of information in short periods of time.
  • Improve professional writing skills for email and letters.
  • Making and receiving telephone calls.
  • Understanding idioms, accents and body language and more about Arabic culture.

Training Focus

  • The Arabic for Diplomats course is one to one and the course is tailored to your individual needs .It is focus in general on the needs of the individual participants; however the course training will generally include the following elements:
  • Building relationships
  • Attending/taking part in meetings with Arab and culture notes.
  • International relations
  • Analyzing and explaining problems and situations in Arabic .
  • Meetings ,Teleconferencing and Telephoning in Arabic
  • Arabic language fluency training including Delivering speeches , presentations and improving accent and pronunciation
  • Learn how to mix the dialect and formal Arabic ( Fusha) in non-formal conversation
  • Emailing and writing letters in formal Arabic

Placement Test & Orientation.

Includes tuition fees, registration.

A room at our student’s apartment for one month.

Free airport shuttle from airport to accommodation only.

Free placement test and certificates

About Arabeya

We_They Language School was established in 2003 with the purpose of providing intensive Arabic courses for all levels of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA).

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