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    Our Innovation Management Certification program offers four levels of certification (Associate, Master, Manager, Leader), it will help you to understand Innovation breakthroughs and to build & delivery business concepts or services. At the same time it gives you the tools and skills required to make innovation happen. The program is certified by the Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI). Upon successful completion of the course & assessment your will receive the prestigious GIMI certification.

    What will I learn?

    LEVEL 1 CERTIFICATION (ASSOCIATE) is designed to teach you about the use of idea generation tools and to apply them in creating more and better ideas.

    LEVEL 2 CERTIFICATION (MASTER) will apply your learning into a real world issue or challenge

    LEVEL 3 CERTIFICATION (MANAGER) understand the innovation management techniques of an innovation practitioner.

    LEVEL 4 CERTIFICATION (LEADER) will apply your learning to solve real life challenges.

    Target Audience

    All managers, entrepreneurs, brand managers, product development managers, public sector employees managing internal projects and/or  and marketing professional, senior managers, HR managers, communication managers, Chief Strategy Officers and other C Levels.

    How will I benefit from taking this course?

    1. Make Innovation happen: Learn the techniques to generate, develop and implement sustainable
    2. Innovations. Improved job readiness: Certification recognizes the development of knowledge skills, and confidence to innovate.
    3. Develop your leadership to innovate: Certified individuals are able to successfully lead innovation.
    4. Distinguish yourself from the pack, obtaining the prestigious GIMI certification.
    5. Network: Certification entitles candidates access to the GIM Institute world’s network of certified professionals.

    How will I be assessed

    Online assessment administered by the Global Innovation Management Institute.

    Will I recieve a certificate of completion?

    Certificates are issued by Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI) and endorsed by IXL Center.

    Entry Requirements


    Testimonial of former student

    “Getting trained and certified by the Global Innovation Management Institute was a very important factor for my career development and personal growth. It was a “game changer” of my professional path – from management consultant to more specific focus on innovation management consulting and to training and education management. After my move back to Bulgaria, I was able to position myself as one of the very few specialists in Innovation Management and recently I co-founded and now run an Innovation Management Academy in Bulgaria with the main purpose of promoting and enhancing the concept and practice of Innovation Management in all types of organizations and developing innovative models of cooperation between academia and business” Hiron Management Consultant

    Keywords: Innovation, business model; value proposition; innovate; entrepreneurship; startup; strategy

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    About ShiftIN Partners

    ShiftIN Partners is a leading strategy management consulting firm focused on helping clients manage strategy and innovation programs that enable the organization to achieve the necessary Shift, working from withIN.

    With decades of accumulated experience from around the world, our consultants have a track record on helping organisations in the emerging markets to overcome the challenges related to strategy execution. We are recognized for our obsession towards implementation, simplification and results.

    ShiftIN Learning Solutions, our training arm, has trained more than 700 managers across + 60 organisations in the Middle East. We offer specialized training courses on Strategy, Innovation, Performance Management, Leadership, Excellence and more.

    ShiftIN Partners has Offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha and Lisbon.

    Our training partners and accreditations are the following:

    • ILM: Institute of Leadership and Management
    • Global Innovation Management Institute
    • The Performance Factory / Jeoren De Flander
    • IMA: Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business
    • IXL Center
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