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Learn how to write application programs that use Data Language One (DL/I) to process terminal input and output messages in an Information Management System / Data Communications (IMS/DC) system.

Target Audience:

This intermediate course is for individuals responsible for writing programs in Common Business Oriented Language (COBOL), or Programming Language One (PL/I) using DL/I to communicate with terminals in an IMS/DC system.


Modify an IMS batch DL/I application program to function in an IMS/DC environment: receiving a message from a terminal and sending output messages to terminals

Handle the exception conditions that may occur using DL/I functions

Work with Scratch Pad Areas (SPA) in an IMS-conversational program

Understand the application program considerations in using Message Format Services (MFS) and the system service functions data structures


You should:

  • complete:
  • IMS Fundamentals (CM010) or IMS Fundamentals -Web (CMW01)
  • IMS DB Application Programming (U3717) or be able to:
  • Describe the basic control and flow of IMS/DC communications facilities
  • Understand the DL/I components and calls of a database application program
  • Modify a program in COBOL or PL/I to add IMS/DC functions


  • IMS TM System Overview
  • Message Processing Programming
  • Get/Send Terminal Data
  • Message Format Services (MFS)
  • Create and use MFS control blocks
  • IMS/TM Additional Facilities

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