Improving Application of Technology in your Organization or Department PetroTech

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    In this program you will learn about... 

    This program discusses

    • Understanding your company's technology
    • determining which technologies should be priorities for your company
    • determining what aspects of the company can be called technologies
    • Systematic breaking technologies down into component parts.

    Program Content

    In this program you will learn about the Organization's Technology…

    • Practical Issues
    • Industry Standard Terminology
    • Business Mapping of Operations
    • Flow Charts
    • Quality Assurance TQM Issues
    • This program supplies tools to enable you to understand the technologies you use and apply.
    • How to conduct a strategic review (where might we want to compete?)
    • How to conduct a core competencies review (what are we good at?)
    • How to analyze your "Technology Base" and its key elements?
    • How to develop a "Technology Inventory"?
    • Analyze how well you develop/exploit different technologies
    • How to anticipate skill needs?
    • How to spot technologies that underpin your position?
    • How to use the stage-by-stage assessment to rank technologies and define their maturity, competitive position and competitive impact?
    • How to identify the resources and time required to achieve improvement - and the likely return on investment?
    • Planning Issues
    • Specific Technology Issues
    • Information Technology Issues
    • Management Issues
    • Implementing Improvements
    Updated on 08 June, 2016

    About PetroTech


    The adage that “knowledge” is power holds very true in this industry. In order to maximize results we are constantly updating and upgrading ourselves. This commitment to ongoing skills development is one of the reasons we are success, the belief that there is a “better way to do things” is what motivates us each and every day. By aligning with us you are going to benefit from our years of expertise in real world scenarios. Classroom learning is great but there is no substitute to real world experience which is what we are bringing to the table.


    Billionaire investor Warren Buffett said “price is what you pay but quality is what you get” and that expression is very true. With use we understand that your time is very valuable and you only want the best and most current industry related knowledge which is what we bring to the table.  Instead of giving you massive amounts of inaccurate or outdated information you get precisely what you want, the most current knowledge so you can make truly informed decisions that will directly impact productivity and your bottom line. When results are what you are looking for then the choice is clear, we are your partners in success.


    Technology has revolutionized the way knowledge is disseminated in throughout the world, what use to take months or even years to reach the masses can be done in a few hours ! In order to remain relevant and viable we need to embrace innovations. The challenge with innovation is knowing when to implement it and what type of return you can expect from it. Instead of risking your time and resources we have the answers for you, Since we are at the vanguard of the industry whenever there is a fruitful innovation we will be there providing you with the information needed to make the right decision.


    We understand you may have unique need so we provide a tailored made (bespoke for our U.K. friends) approach that will address your questions in the most conducive manner possible.  Respect to us means putting your interests, your needs at the forefront of our mind. You will see how genuine we are and that you not just “some customer” you are our partner in success just as much as we are your partner in success. We firmly believe in the “golden rule”, treat others with graciousness, courtesy and respect.  Come experience the difference that quality and respect makes and you will truly be amazed.

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