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This instructor-led course provides experienced delegates with the knowledge and skills to implement, manage, and maintain a Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003 network infrastructure.

M2276, Implementing a MS Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure: Network Hosts

M2277, Imp, Man & Mntg MS Win Server 2003 Network Infrastructure: Network Services.
Due to the accelerated nature of this course delegates are expected to be experienced network engineers. In addition, as this is a blended learning offering, some evening study will be required during the course.

Target Audience

The course is intended for experienced systems administrator and systems engineer candidates who are responsible for implementing, managing, and maintaining server networking technologies. These tasks include implementing routing; implementing, managing, and maintaining Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name System (DNS), and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS); securing Internet Protocol (IP) traffic with Internet Protocol security (IPSec) and certificates; implementing a network access infrastructure by configuring the connections for remote access clients; and managing and monitoring network access.


  • Understanding the function of each of the protocols and how the protocols relate to each other, you have the context for understanding network administration tasks and network troubleshooting.
  • Construct and assign IP addresses and how to isolate addressing issues associated with the IP routing process.
  • Configure an IP address for a client computer running Microsoft Windows Server 2003.
  • Describe the various types of name resolution mechanisms provided by the Windows operating systems and how to use and configure them for clients on your network.
  • Isolate common connectivity issues and describes how to use utilities and tools as part of this process.
  • Configure a routing solution for your network environment.
  • Allocate IP addressing in a network environment. Manage the DHCP service to reflect changing client IP addressing needs. It also provides you with the knowledge and skills to monitor DHCP server performance, because the DHCP environment is dynamic.
  • Allocate IP addressing in a network environment.
  • Manage the DHCP service to reflect changing client IP addressing needs. It also provides you with the knowledge and skills to monitor DHCP server performance, because the DHCP environment is dynamic.
  • Assign computer names to the IP addresses of the source and destination hosts, and then use the computer name to contact the hosts.
  • Resolve host names by using Domain Name System.
  • Manage and monitor DNS servers to ensure that they are functioning properly and to optimise network performance.
  • Use WINS to register NetBIOS names and resolve them to IP addresses.
  • Secure network traffic and to use certificates with IPSec for increased security. Configure a server with the Routing and Remote Access service, create appropriate remote access connections on a network access server, and configure users’ access rights.Manage and monitor network access.


Day 1 Module 1: Reviewing the Suite of TCP/IP Protocols

  • Overview of the OSI Model
  • Overview of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
  • Viewing Frames Using Network Monitor M2276 Module 2: Assigning IP Addresses in a Multiple Subnet Network
  • Assigning IP Addresses
  • Creating a Subnet
  • Using IP Routing Tables
  • Overcoming Limitations of the IP Addressing Scheme M2276 Module 3: Configuring a Client IP Address – self study
  • Configuring a Client to Use a Static IP Address
  • Configuring a Host to Obtain an IP Address Automatically
  • Using Alternate ConfigurationDay 2M2277 Module 2: Allocating IP Addressing by Using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Multimedia: The Role of DHCP in the Network Infrastructure
  • Adding and Authorizing a DHCP Server Service
  • Configuring a DHCP Scope
  • Configuring a DHCP Reservation
  • Configuring DHCP Options
  • Configuring a DHCP Relay Agent M2277 Module 3: Managing and Monitoring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Managing a DHCP Database
  • Monitoring DHCP
  • Applying Security Guidelines for DHCP M2277 Module 4: Resolving Names
  • Multimedia: Introduction to the Name Resolution Process
  • Viewing Names on a Client
  • Configuring Host Name Resolution
  • Configuring NetBIOS Name Resolution M2276 Module 4: Configuring a Client for Name Resolution –Self study
  • Resolving Client Names
  • Managing the ARP Cache
  • Overview of NetBIOS
  • Using Static Naming Methods
  • Using Dynamic Naming Methods
  • Summarizing the Name Resolution ProcessDay 3M2277 Module 5: Resolving Host Names by Using Domain Name System(DNS)
  • Multimedia: The Role of DNS in the Network Infrastructure
  • Installing the DNS Server Service
  • Configuring the Properties for the DNS Server Service
  • Configuring the DNS Zones
  • Configuring DNS Zone Transfers
  • Configuring DNS Dynamic Updates
  • Configuring a DNS Client
  • Delegating Authority for Zones M2277 Module 6: Managing and Monitoring Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Configuring the Time-to-Live Value
  • Configuring Aging and Scavenging
  • Integrating DNS and WINS
  • Testing the DNS Server Configuration, Verifying that a Resource Record Exists by Using Nslookup, DNSCmd, and DNSLint Monitoring DNS Server Performance M2276 Module 5: Isolating Common Connectivity Issues – Self Study
  • Determining the Causes of Connectivity Issues
  • Network Utilities That You Can Use to Isolate Connectivity IssuesDay 4M2277 Module 7: Resolving NetBIOS Names by Using Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
  • Multimedia: The Role of WINS in the Network Infrastructure
  • Installing and Configuring a WINS Server
  • Managing Records in WINS
  • Configuring WINS Replication
  • Managing the WINS database M2277 Module 8: Securing Network Traffic by Using IPSec and Certificates
  • Implementing IPSec
  • Implementing IPSec with Certificates Monitoring IPSec M2277 Module 1: Configuring Routing by Using Routing and Remote Access – Self Study
  • Multimedia: The Role of Routing in the Network Infrastructure
  • Enabling and Configuring the Routing and Remote Access Service Configuring Packet Filters

Module 9: Configuring Network Access

  • Introduction to a Network Access Infrastructure
  • Configuring a VPN Connection
  • Configuring a Dial-up Connection
  • Configuring a Wireless Connection
  • Controlling User Access to a Network
  • Centralizing Network Access Authentication and Policy Management by Using IAS M2277 Module 10: Managing and Monitoring Network Access
  • Managing the Network Access Services
  • Configuring Logging on a Network Access Server
  • Collecting and Monitoring Network Access Data


Recommended as preparation for exam(s):

  • Exam 70-291: Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

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