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This instructor-led course teaches students some of the advanced skills required by system programmers and administrators of IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS V7.

Through instructor-led lectures and hands-on lab exercises, students expand on the basic skills developed in course WM300 and VM300, IBM WebSphere MQ V7 System Administration for z/OS, by learning how to configure and administer a network of WebSphere MQ systems on different platforms. This course focuses on advanced issues in WebSphere MQ communication when WebSphere MQ is running in a z/OS sysplex, such as the administration of the Queue Sharing Group function and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support for TCP/IP channels. Additional topics include channel exit programming and the statistic and accounting facilities provided with IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS V7. The hands-on labs provided throughout the course enable students to gain practical experience working with advanced administration skills for WebSphere MQ V7 for z/OS. Topics covered include configuring security, defining Queue Sharing Groups, publish/subscribe administration, and gathering and analyzing statistics and accounting data for performance tuning.

Target Audience:

This is an advanced course, designed for technical professionals who require the skills to perform advanced administrator tasks for IBM WebSphere MQ for z/OS, or who provide support to others who perform such tasks. While this course is based on IBM WebSphere MQ V7, it is also appropriate for people who support prior versions of IBM WebSphere MQ.


  • Describe and use the Eclipse-based WebSphere MQ Configuration Tools (also known as MQ Explorer) to configure and administer queue managers on z/OS
  • Design the use of SSL for securing TCP/IP channels, and set up the appropriate security definitions as well as the WebSphere MQ objects to which they refer
  • Set up a queue sharing group (QSG) of queue managers in a z/OS sysplex environment and administer the QSG related resources, such as queues and channels
  • Use the statistics and accounting facilities provided with WebSphere MQ for z/OS to optimize the use of system resources
  • Describe what happens when channels are started and stopped and utilize the different options that are available for this purpose
  • Describe how channels synchronize and commit their units of work
  • Enable messages to flow between any two queue managers in a WebSphere MQ network through dedicated paths, as needed by network conditions or application requirements


Before taking this course, students should:

  • Have a working knowledge of WebSphere MQ V7 administration processes and procedures
  • Complete course IBM WebSphere MQ V7 System Administration for z/OS (WM300) or (VM300), or have the skills necessary to perform basic WebSphere MQ V7 administration tasks in a z/OS environment

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