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This course is designed so that students can learn how z/OS systems operate in a Parallel Sysplex environment through discussion topics and hands-on lab exercises. Students learn problem determination skills, practice enhanced sysplex operations, including management of the coupling facility (CF), and use recovery capabilities provided by the System z servers. The course consists of six units and 12 hands-on lab exercises.


  • Identify the difference between a base and a Parallel Sysplex
  • Describe the hardware components of a Parallel Sysplex
  • Describe the software components of a Parallel Sysplex
  • List sysplex couple data sets and define their purpose
  • Identify and describe sysplex commands to display signaling an couple data set usage
  • Identify all coupling facility links, speeds, and connectivity optior for System z servers
  • List the various structure types and how they are used
  • Identify potential users of a CF
  • Describe the CFRM policy and required parameters within the policy
  • Describe how the CF is used to enable resource and data sharing
  • Describe and identity vanous sysplex OF configurations, including high-availability CF configurations
  • Describe the types of failures and recoveries that can be automated with SFM
  • Start and stop SFM policies and identify SFM actions for each system
  • Identify new SFM support at z/OS 1.8 and z/OS 1.9
  • Determine the status and parameters of any sysplex console
  • Use z/OS commands to display console attributes, change console attributes, and route messages to any sysplex member
  • Describe the use and purpose of console switching groups
  • Identify console updates that apply to z/OS 1.8 and z/OS 1.10
  • Define why time synchronization is required in a sysplex
  • Describe time synchronization options in a sysplex
  • Use commands to display and change the operational status of a CF
  • Use the various z/OS commands to determine the current status of sysplex members
  • Remove a system from the sysplex
  • Describe structure and connector attributes
  • Use z/OS commands to resolve a problem structure status
  • Use z/OS commands to remove, add sysplex primary or alternate couple data sets, and modify CDS settings
  • Describe procedures for moving off a coupling facility for maintenance or other reasons
  • Describe the operator options to relocate structures between CFs
  • Use z/OS, JES2 commands, and CFRM polices, if required, to remove structures, CF links, and CFs
  • Describe Sysplex Timer (9037) configurations
  • Define server time protocol terminology and configurations:
  • Mixed Coordinated Timing Network
  • STP-only Coordinated Timing Network
  • Identify three major phases of the I PL process
  • Describe what happens during each phase of the I PL process
  • Identify and resolve IPL-related problems
  • Perform a successful I PL of the z/OS system

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