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This 10 day course is intended to give IT professionals a well rounded introduction to the System z environment, current servers, operating systems, software utilities, and middleware. Through lecture and hands-on labs it will provide the basic skill set to jump start productivity for technical professionals new to the mainframe environment. The skills taught in this course can be applied across multiple mainframe job roles. The course consists of 24 units and 16 hands-on lab exercises. The topics discussed in this course are: Mainframes and distributed server comparisons: Why so many servers? Mainframe directions: Past, current, and future Mainframes: System z introduction and relative performance comparisons IBM System z hardware design: Frames, CEC cage, books, models and MSUs I/O Infrastructure and processor usage: zEC12 to z10 comparisons System z Capacity on Demand Physical/Logical partitioning, server initialization, and CHPIDs I/O configuration and HCD overview MVS to z/OS software overview z/OS Parallel Sysplex z/OS enhancements on the zPlatform z/Architecture overview and virtual addressing concepts System concepts: The big picture HMC introduction, groups, and activation profiles Determining object status and error conditions Activation and operating system interface z/OS base elements and optional features z/OS system programming z/OS system libraries Data center components and trends TSO/E and ISPF/PDF Data sets and accessing with ISPF/PDF ISPF/PDF editor Copy/Move/Rename/Delete Data Set List TSO/E commands and TSO/E programming Introduction to JES and JCL JOB, EXEC, and DD statements DD parameters Traditional applications Programming languages Object technology System-level-security Network-level security Transaction-level security Directory services z/OSMF SDSF Working with UNIX System Services Introduction to utilities and conditional execution Data management, organization, and format Generation data groups Procedures More about utilities More on procedures Selected JCL topics SORT and MERGE ABENDs

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