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Systems management for the IBM Flex System is built on several components. IBM X-Architecture compute nodes come with an Integrated Management Module (IMM) where IBM Power Systems architecture compute nodes come with a Flexible Service Processor (FSP), both of which connect to the Chassis Management Module to provide the integrated systems management functions for the node.

The IBM Flex System Chassis Management Module provides system management functions for all devices in the IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis. The IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis comes with at least one CMM and supports CMM redundancy. IBM Flex System Manager management software is the software stack for managing multiple chassis that comes preinstalled on the IBM Flex System Manager management node. It provides a consistent interface that can be used to efficiently manage more than one chassis. The IBM Flex System Manager management node is supported in the IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis only and is required for Power Systems compute nodes installed in a IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis.

This course will focus on the IBM Flex System systems management building blocks. Discussions include a review of the initial setup for the Chassis Management Module (CMM), and explore the Flex System Manager (FSM). The Flex System Manager hardware, software setup, selected management tasks and navigation will be reviewed.

Target Audience:

Enrollment in this intermediate course is not restricted. However, typical students taking this course include technical IBM personnel from the FTSS, ATS, and Techline organizations as well as IBM Business Partner technical personnel involved with planning, installation, configuration, and upgrading of IBM PureFlex systems and use of IBM Flex System Manager management software.


You should have a completed:

  • IBM PureFlex System Fundamentals (NGT11)


  • Course administration
  • Unit 1: PureFlex System Management Overview
  • Unit 2: Chassis Management Module Setup
  • Unit 3: Flex System Manager Features and Setup
  • Exercise 1. Navigate chassis management
  • Exercise 2. Explore user security
  • Unit 4: Flex System Manager Navigation
  • Exercise 3. Manage a compute node serve

Day 2

  • Unit 5: FSM Update Management and Additional Setup
  • Exercise 5. Work with Update Manager
  • Exercise 6. Work with Common Agent
  • Exercise 7. Work with Service and Support Manager
  • Unit 6: FSM Management Tasks

Day 3

  • Exercise 9. Work with Automation Manager
  • Exercise 10. Deploy compute node images
  • Unit 7: VMControl
  • Exercise 11. Work with VMControl lifecycle management

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