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This course is designed to help students understand and use Big SQL. Students will learn to use different BigInsights components to access Big SQL to access and analyze their Hadoop data

Next, the course will cover Big SQL data types where students will learn how to work with the data in Big SQL tables. Students will also learn how to use the EXPLAIN and ANALYZE commands to understand the performance of their queries.

The course will then go into Big SQL administration showing students how to grant and revoke authority to control access to their data, including fine grained access control.

The course will then cover data federation to allow users to be able to create queries from various data sources. Finally, this course will cover how to use Big SQL 1.0 with HBase tables.

Target Audience:

  • This intermediate course is for users who want to use Big SQL to access or administer their Hadoop data


  • Understand how Big SQL fit into the Hadoop architecture
  • Load data into Big SQL tables
  • Access Big SQL using:
  • JSqsh
  • BigInsights Web Consol
  • BigInsights Eclipse development environment
  • Create schemas and tables
  • Load data into Big SQL tables
  • Query Big SQL tables
  • Use Big SQL statistics (EXPLAIN / ANALYZE)
  • Grant and revoke authority and fine grained access
  • Understand how to set up and to query federated data
  • Use Big SQL 1.0 on data residing in HBase tables


Please refer to Course Overview for description information.

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