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Starting a career or wishing to expand your knowledge in airports? Get the essential knowledge you need to succeed. IATA Airport Operations provides you with the knowledge to grow your career in the management of Airport's operations, designed for professionals aspiring a career in Airport Operations or recently appointed staff working for or at an Airport, will cover below topics:

Understanding the Airport

  • Airport Definition, Function, Customers and Partners
  • Airport Management and Operation
  • The Airport Business and its Economic Impact
  • Airport Master Planning
The Airport as an Operational System

  • The Airside
  • The Terminal Area
  • The Landside
  • Airport Certification
  • Security
  • Civil Aviation Security
  • Airport Security
  • Aircraft Operator's Security Program
  • Testing, Inspection & Audit
  • Support Services
  • Airport Issues and Challenges
  • Security Threats
  • Economics
  • Capacity
  • The Future of Airports

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    About Sharaf Aviation Services Academy

    Sharaf Aviation Services Academy, a division of Sharaf Travel L.L.C, is a respected and trusted Aviation Academy in the UAE.

    Established in 2012, its primary aim is to offer comprehensive and industry relevant courses that are carefully researched and updated to cover all aspects of the airline and travel business.

    The curriculum at the academy is designed by Industry experts to stimulate the minds of our alumni and provide an interactive learning experience..

    Our aim is to impart training which will lead to high levels of customer satisfaction and there will be a focus on innovation and improvement. Our course content is designed to provide a productive and stimulating learning environment with the latest learning tools and facilities provided for the students and staff.

    Sharaf Aviation Services is at the forefront of constantly introducing new ideas and innovations, making it one of the most recognized and respected Institutions in the region. Among our many new additions are business skill programmes, on line training modules, field trips and soft skill courses.

    Our founding principle is based on providing an ideal learning experience for our students. Along with this we instill the learning of core values and integrity which is the cornerstone of our mission in enhancing the knowledge base in a holistic manner at SASA.   

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